Jack Fowler has become an unlikely hero on Love Island 2018.

The dishy Bombshell swooped into the villa on day 26 and has only been in the Love Island villa for little over a week.

However, after backing away from a kiss with Georgia Steel (let’s not start a debate on this one) and putting newbie Idris Virgo in his place for “playing a game”, Jack has quickly become a fan favourite.

Here is everything you need to know about Jack Fowler.

How tall is he? What is his job? Why don’t I look like that?

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Love Island: SR4: Ep29 on ITV2 - Jack Fowler and Laura Anderson

Love Island: SR4: Ep29 on ITV2 – Jack Fowler and Laura Anderson

Who is Jack Fowler?

Jack is one of the youngest contestants on Love Island 2018 at 22-years-old.

He hails from London, although you may not get that from his accent.

A semi-professional footballer for Harlow Town by night, Jack also has another physically active job by day –  one of the reasons he stays so incredibly buff!


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What is His Job?

Jack – alike a solid portion of the men currently in the villa – is a personal trainer.

He has trained a batch of celebs including the likes of Courtney Green and Jess Wright from TOWIE.

Looks like someone has some decent backing outside of the villa!

What is Jack Fowler’s Height?

Towering over the rest of the Love Island contestants, Jack Fowler is a colossal 6 ft3.

We imagine he plays as a centre back with height like that – he seems pretty decent at ‘putting up his defences’ when it comes to Laura Anderson, too.

What is His Instagram Account?

Jack Fowler’s Instagram account can be found at @_jackfowler_

Bizarrely, his account is managed by none other than Simon Webbe, formerly of Blue.

Rumour has it that Jack was Simon’s PT in the past, and Si is returning the favour by being his manager.

Do we see a Blue + Jack Fowler + Stevie Wonder reunion on the cards?

Screen Shot: Jack Fowler Instagram

Screen Shot: Jack Fowler Instagram

What Are Jack’s Fowler’s Odds of Winning Love Island?

Other than newbies Idris Virgo and Kieran Nicholls, Jack has the worst odds of winning Love Island series four.

Priced at 40/1 and yet to fully settle down in a relationship with Laura Anderson, it doesn’t look likely that Jack will make the final.