Whether broadcasting in the UK, Australia or USA, it seems that every Love Island series must have a token nuisance.

For American viewers enjoying the first-ever Love Island USA series, the sight of Caroline ‘Caro’ Viehweg has been greeted with moans, groans and “oh no it’s that annoying girl” statements.

The 21-year-old is the joint youngest on the show and it’s perhaps her excitable nature and naivety that has made her public enemy number one.

Here’s what you have been saying on Twitter about the crazy cat who calls herself Caro.

Meet Caroline “Caro” Wiehweg who is looking for love this summer on LOVE ISLAND USA

Who is Caroline Viehweg?

Caro is a  21-year-old fashion marketing student at the John Casablancas Institute in Vancouver, Canada.

However, she has a very mixed background with and lived in six different countries while growing up. Caroline is of German and Brazilian descent and can speak three languages; English, German and Portuguese.

The fuzzy-haired stunner also does modelling, particularly on Instagram where she has over 244,000 followers under @caroviee.

Why is she so so so annoying?

From day one, Caro has seemed a little on the crazy side. During the first coupling ceremony, she routinely stepped away from her man, Cashel Barnett, seemingly keen to couple up with just about anyone.

However, once she was left with Cash, she acted besotted by 27-year-old, telling him not to talk to any of the other girls in the Fiji villa and smothering him with affection.

The same now applies to Caro and Bombshell entry Cormac Murphy, who made the mistake of showing Caro the slightest nudge of attention.

What have you been saying on Twitter?

Those on Twitter have not taken kindly to Caro and her severe demand for attention. Viewers have voiced everything from concern over her actions to sheer dismay.

However, it’s also her squealing voice that has put off many Love Island USA fans.

The CZA said: “Is Caro annoying on Love Island or is it just me? And I can never understand what she’s saying because of her ‘flirty voice’ that sounds like a toddler.”

Another said: “Watching Love Island and while Caro is a beautiful woman and does have a fun personality, her breaking into a baby voice is driving me insane. Total pet peeve. ”

And just to summarise how bizarre and annoying Caro’s alternating accent and squeaky high-pitch tones are, viewers realised that even her laugh is subtitled.

That’s how obscure her voice is!

How to watch Love Island USA – final looming!

Unlike Love Island UK, the American version only lasts four weeks.

The final will air on CBS on Wednesday, August 7th.

The series airs every weeknight at 8 pm until this date.