Every year we see the Love Island couples endure immense stress as they’re tasked with looking after fake babies for an episode. 

Due to the annual Brit Awards, episode 33 of Love Island 2020 aired an hour later at 10 pm. But that wasn’t the only change made to the show. So, what are the ribbons about on Love Island?

Screenshot: Love Island 2020 red ribbons – ITV

Viewers spot the ribbons during baby challenge

The 33rd episode of Love Island was pretty special in 2020 as it was the one and only – baby episode.

Anyone watching Love Island on February 19th would’ve noticed that each Islander was donning a bright red ribbon around their wrist during the episode.

The cries of fake babies were almost enough to distract from the fact that the Islanders were wearing a new accessory, but tonnes of viewers took to the internet to comment on the fact that they were being worn.

Red Ribbons: Fans speculate

As always, fans of the show had their say on why the Islanders were wearing red ribbons with many taking to Twitter.

Although Love Island is normally something that brings a smile to the nation’s face, the death of former presenter Caroline Flack in February 2020, was something that rocked the UK.

The show didn’t air following the announcement of Caroline’s passing. Afterwards, the show returned to ITV2 on Monday, February 17th.

And because of the recent tragic news, many fans assumed that the red ribbons were worn in tribute to Caroline.

Love Island: What are the red ribbons?

We can be almost certain that the red ribbons worn during the baby episode were worn for that very reason – the babies.

Last year’s contestants can also be seen wearing ribbons during the baby episode. The ribbons most likely contain a sensor which could track how far away a ‘parent’ is from the baby.

If the ribbons were being worn in tribute to Caroline, the Islanders would have been told the news. However, we can assume that they haven’t been notified of anything outside of the villa.




Love Island 2021: What are the blue ribbons?

This year, 2021, the baby challenge is back – but fans have noted that the infamous ribbons are now a different colour.

Last year, audiences thought that the colour of the ribbon was affiliated with Caroline Flack’s death. Though it’s since emerged that the ribbons are likely sensors for the baby challenge.

As seen in the first look trailer, the islanders are spotted wearing their ribbons as they first pick up their ‘baby’.

Both pink and blue ribbons are spotted this year and it seems as though the colours are switched up year upon year. So, it’s safe to assume that the colour of the ribbon doesn’t have a hidden meaning of sorts!

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