Love Island: Your guide to remembering the NAMES of 2018's cast

Love Island 2018 is almost here, and we can’t wait for the Majorca drama of series four to unfold.

However, trying to remember the names of the initial 11 cast has proven a serious struggle ever since the show relaunched in 2015.

Take into account that half of the contestants look exactly same, and the fact that new hotties waltz through the villa doors like every day – you’re going to need this guide to remembering the NAMES of the Love Island 2018 cast.

Jack the Lad

Jack’s initial introduction to Love Island featured a story on how he “kept shagging” the new women at his workplace.

Yeah, forget his last name – meet Jack the Lad.

Love Island: Jack Fincham, series 4

FIT Hayley

The hottest member of the gang of series four, one contestant usually earns the prefix of FIT.

In this instance, we knight Hayley Hughes as FIT Hayley.

Love Island: Hayley Hughes, series 4

Dr Alex

An A&E doctor in real-life, this nickname was an easy one.

Will Alex stay in the villa long enough to make an impact? Or is he too much of a fish out of water?

Love Island: Alex George, series 4

Mighty Samira

Arguably one of our favourite characters based on her intro alone, Samira Mighty has the easy nickname of Mighty Samira.


Well, this was her answer when asked what movie character she would be in real life…

Samira said: Shrek. I don’t know why I just said Shrek (laughs) he’s just got the best relationship and he gets to live for free and like, lives in a swamp and doesn’t care… and I also love Shrek so much.”

Love Island: Samira Mighty, series 4

Zayn Lookalike

Can’t remember his name – don’t worry!

Student Niall is a serious Zayn Malik lookalike and that’s all you need to remember.

Love Island: SR4 on ITV2, Niall Aslam.

Big Wang Wes

Having told the Love Island producers that he has a “massive” piece of male equipment, Wes’s nickname speaks for itself.

Either he has a massive tool or he’s going to be a massive tool…

Love Island: Wes Nelson, series 4

Danny Dyer’s Daughter

Ah yes, Dani Mas Dyer.

The daughter of Danny Dyer already earned this nickname during her brief appearance in Survival Of The Fittest, where she used her five minutes of fame to bang on about her dad.

Love Island: Dani Mas Dyer, series 4

Guy with Curly Hair & ABS

With a name like Eyal Booker, this bloke needs a helping hand to stay in peoples memories.

Fortunately, he has eye-popping abs and standout curly locks.

Love Island: Eyal Booker, series 4

 Blonde One Laura

Of course, there’s going to be more than one female competing for the title of the ‘blonde one’ when it comes to a Love Island villa.

Fortunately, however, with Hayley taking the term FIT and Kendall destined to be forgettable, we are left with the nickname of Blonde One Laura.

Love Island: SR4 on ITV2, Laura Anderson

Blackpool Kendall

Oh yeah, nearly forgot about Kendall.

Um, she’s from Blackpool…

Love Island, SR4 on ITV2 – Kendall.

PT Adam

The final piece in the jigsaw is personal trainer Adam.

There’s bound to be at least another three PT’s rocking up to Majorca, but at least Adam can feel like the original.

After all, there’s just not enough big-headed personal trainers in this world…

Love Island: Adam Collard, series 4

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