Love Island's 'new' Jack is managed by a former member of BLUE - err, what?

Through a long night of Instagram stalking, we realised that Love Island’s Jack Fowler has a seriously odd manager.

The 22-year-old personal trainer from London is represented by a former member of boyband Blue.

It literally makes no sense… especially considering Jack already has double the amount of Insta followers than this washed-up singer.

Jack Fowler’s Instagram

Jack Fowler’s Instagram account is managed by none other than former Blue singer Simon Webbe.

Jack’s account states: Love Island 2018. @loveisland Represented by Webbe industries All enquiries @simonwebbe1 @beasarica Email [email protected]

Do we see a Blue + Jack Fowler + Stevie Wonder reunion on the cards?

Why is Jack Represented By a Former Member of Boyband Blue?

As a personal trainer, Jack has worked with a number of high-profile celebs, including TOWIE stars Courtney Green and Jess Wright.


Rumour has it that Jack was also Simon Webbe’s PT, and Si is now returning the favour by being his manager.

Doesn’t life throw together some amazingly odd combos!

Screen Shot: Simon Webbe Instagram – Manager of Jack Fowler’s Instagram

Screen Shot: Simon Webbe Instagram – Manager of Jack Fowler’s Instagram

What Else is on Jack’s Insta?

Other than this celeb combo, Jack’s Instagram page is pretty generic.

Although there is an interesting photo picturing Jack if he was to go full Darylle Sargeant for some reason.

You can also see Jack’s modelling work, where he has pretty much perfected the Blue Steel pout.

Jack’s account has grown remarkably over his 10 days in the villa, now on 122,000 followers.

Poor Simon, he’s been singing in the industry for 20 years and only has 56k on the Gram.

Should’ve just joined Love Island, mate!



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