In the idyllic setting of Ibiza, Spain, the cast of Love Never Lies, or Amor Con Fianza, are plonked in paradise in a spectacular villa before their worlds could potentially crash down around them. Six couples are ready to put their relationships to the test for 100,000 euros.

Throughout the couples’ Love Never Lies experience, they’ll be subjected to lie detector tests via the show’s ‘Eye Detect’ technology. If anyone on the show lies, the jackpot goes down, so they have to do their best to tell the truth.

love never lies netflix cast
Screenshot: Love Never Lies – Netflix

Love Never Lies launches on Netflix

On November 11th, 2021, Love Never Lies launches on Netflix. The show is almost like Too Hot To Handle but cranked up a notch as the couples are joined by ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, crushes from social media and more.

Nerves are running high on the Netflix show as truths are exposed and the couples’ relationships are uncovered for what they really are. Host Monica Naranjo reveals during episode 1 that the cast starts out with 40k and can reach 100k, however, lies will deduct from the cash prize and truths add to it.

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Love Never Lies eye detect technology explored

On Love Never lies, truths, lies, doubts and jealousy are all over the place.

Rather than the currency being ‘love’ as it is on Too Hot To Handle, the currency on Love Never Lies is truth and lies. The way that the lies are detected on the show is via eye detection technology.

The revolutionary detector analyses the involuntary eye movements triggered by lying. All couples will find out about Eye Detect’s verdict in a ceremony where they may find out that not everything is as it seems.

Selling Sunset | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

Selling Sunset | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

Netflix: Meet the Love Never Lies cast

The couple said: “We’ve been through a lot in four years“, but now their relationship is in a good place. No one has faith in their relationship and they’re trying to prove they’re meant to be together on Love Never Lies.

Mar and Aleix have had a lot of ups and downs but describe themselves as being in a “sweet spot” now.

Adrian and Laura’s relationship has been “very intense” from the word go. They’re on the show to prove their love to one another. Apparently, Adrian doesn’t invite his girlfriend to parties and she’s “the jealous one“.

Both Kevin and Katherine admitted that they’ve hurt each other in the past by flirting with other people on social media. Kevin says he wants to gain his girlfriend’s trust on the show.

Paula and Daniel say they’ve hit a rough patch in their relationship. Daniel said: “If I leave here with Paula, I’ll marry her.

José and Fran say that it was love at first sight for them and they’ve been together seven (or eight) years, depending on who you ask.

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love never lies netflix cast
Screenshot: Love Never Lies – Netflix



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