Lucas Higdon from My 600 Lb Life makes viewers proud, where is he now?

Lucas Higdon from My 600 Lb Life makes viewers proud, where is he now?

“I dread waking up in this body every morning” are the words of Lucas Higdon, a cast member on TLC’s My 600 Lb Life. The show is airing its 10th season in 2021. Season 10 episode 9 aired on Wednesday, December 30th 2021 and follows Lucas’ journey.

Lucas is on the show as, like the rest of the My 600 Lb Life stars, he wants to make extreme changes and save his own life. He tells viewers that his body hurts and that he lives in despair, but he also shows determination to change and viewers can’t believe the TLC star’s transformation.

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

Meet Lucas from My 600 Lb Life

Lucas Higdon is a cast member on My 600 Lb Life season 10 episode 9.

He’s in his thirties and says that he’s got depression, anxiety and an addiction to eating food.

Lucas is unable to get a job and he lives in an outhouse on his parents’ compound in Texas. His parents built an outdoor shower for him but he said that just getting in the show feels like a workout. Lucas said that he feels exhausted all the time at the start of the show, but just the prospect of setting off to Houston to see Dr Now brings him joy.

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How did Lucas get to 600 lbs?

On My 600 Lb Life, it’s revealed that emotional trauma and stresses in Lucas’ life at a young age caused him to turn to food.

He had previously gained and lost weight in his life. He said in junior and senior year at high school, he lost a lot of weight – over 100 lbs. But, then the football season ended, he was no longer required to work out, didn’t stick to his diet and developed an addiction to video games.

Lucas started gaining a lot of weight and said it was a downward spiral from there.

Lucas’ weight loss journey

At the beginning of the show, Lucas weighs 619 lbs and his sister drives him to Houston to meet Dr Now.

Following his meeting with Dr Now, Lucas gets serious about losing weight and follows the diet and exercise plan.

He pushes himself physically in the gym and with a lot of hard work, the support of his family and the help of Dr Now, Lucas says that he feels that he’s got his life back at the end of the episode. In less than a year, Lucas can be seen driving a car and working at a new job.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to share how proud they were of Lucas’ progress: “Omg he got approved! Good job Lucas!!“.

One person said: “Did he just drive his own car and he ain’t a babysitter this is monumental“.

Another wrote: “Way to go Lucas!!”.

On December 28th, Lucas took to Facebook to say: “My weight loss journey has been a wild ride and honestly I couldn’t have gotten this far without the help and support of my friends and family. The journey is still going and still have a ways to go.

He’s also posted photos that show what he looks like following the TLC episode.

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