Made in Chelsea: 160-SONG soundtrack to series 15 - On Spotify!

Made in Chelsea has always been renown for its trendy playlists and on-point soundtrack.

Series 15 in SW3 was no different.

Providing the backing tracks to break-ups and dramatic arguments, here is the long list of Made in Chelsea songs that you tried and failed to Shazam.

The full 160-song playlist can be found and downloaded at the bottom of the article or HERE.

Here’s a rundown of our 10 favourite tracks, based on their appropriate song titles to the drama that unfolded in series 15.

1. Kids are Cool – San Cisco

Incredibly topical considering the introduction of baby-faced Miles Nazaire.

2. Roman God-Like Man – Temples

We like this one too…

Screen Shot: Miles Nazaire – Made in Chelsea, E4

3. How Long Will It Last? – Blossoms

Whatever you do, don’t mention this song title to Digby Edgley.

MasterChef 2021 | Trailer - BBC Trailers

4. I Bow Down – Pixx

Or this one, taking into account the desperate attempts he made to win back Olivia.

Screen Shot: DIGBY – Made in Chelsea, E4, series 15, episode 9

5. Toulouse the Kisser – Paddy Hanna

So Jamie Laing’s new girlfriend, 19-year-old Heloise Agostinelli, is pretty damn stunning – and French!

Screen Shot: Jamie Laing and Heloise Made in Chelsea: Jamie Lang tells Heloise Agostinelli – Made in Chelsea, series 15, episode 11

6. Guilty Party – Thunder Jackson

This song title probably doesn’t give justice to the fact that Sam Prince cheated on his girlfriend five times.

7. Cheetah Tongue – The Wombata

Ooh yeah, this one fits much better.

Screen Shot: SAM PRINCE – Made in Chelsea, E4

8. Favourite Ex – The Kenneths

Farewell, Frankie Gaff!

Screen Shot: Frankie! Made in Chelsea, E4

9. I Can’t Stand It – Blossoms

A perfect song for a recap of that Sam Thompson and Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo shower scene.

10. Is This How You Love

And one even more topical to the rumours that Sammy T wasn’t very good in bed.

Screen Shot: Sam Thompson shower scene – Made in Chelsea, E4, series 15, episode 11

11. Melted Ice Cream – LUCIA

Didn’t realise they made a track named after James Taylor.

Screen Shot: James Taylor fashion – Made in Chelsea, E4, series 15

12. A Safe and Happy Place – Powerdance

For every time Ryan Libbey was spotted pumping iron in the gym, sulking because he didn’t like Alik Alfus’s return to Chelsea.


DOWNLOAD the playlist on Spotify here or via the link below.

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