Made in Chelsea series 16 has been a tumultuous journey, to say the least.

After the many break-ups, make-ups, parties and fallouts this series is set to finish off with a bang.

So, when is the Made in Chelsea Christmas Special?

Made in Chelsea S16 E09 – E4

When is the MIC Christmas Special?

Each year Made in Chelsea provides us with a look back at all the drama of the series.

Normally, there’s lots of exclusives and a very special performance of a seasonal classic by the cast.

This year’s Christmas special will take place on Monday, December 24th 2018.

It will technically be episode 12 of series 16 and will last for 60 minutes.

Made in Chelsea S16 E09 – E4

What Happens in the Next Episode of Made in Chelsea?

Made in Chelsea season 16 episode 10 will air Monday, December 10th.

In episode 10 after all their ups and downs Sam tries to make sense of where he went wrong after being dumped by Habbs. Miles wants to build bridges with Digby after everything that happened in Canada with Liv but it looks like Digby’s having none of it.

Made in Chelsea S16 E09 – E4

When Does MIC Season 16 Finish?

The final episode of the season (11) will air Monday, December 17th at the usual time of 9 pm.

This series Habbs and Sam have broken up and gotten back together more times than you could shake a stick at, the Digby and Liv saga has actually made for some uncomfortable viewing after Ryan Libbey got involved and Marc Francis has continued to bring his air of superiority to every episode.

Made in Chelsea S16 E09 – E4



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