E4 series Made in Chelsea will shake things up this Christmas by setting the squad rampant in Argentina.

The popular reality soap is now into its 18th season, although the latest series is set to end in November 2019.

Fans have no need to panic, however, as the SW3 gang take a short break from the Freeview TV schedule before reappearing over the Christmas period.

Producers tease plenty of sun-showered romance with new relationships sizzling in Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires. Don’t miss out on a hot, hot, hot 2019 Christmas with the latest Made in Chelsea abroad special!


Screenshot: Emily Blackwell Made in Chelsea season 18 episode 8 – Channel 4

Made in Chelsea season 18 comes to an end

The 11th and final episode of MIC series 18 will air on Monday, November 11th, on E4 at 9 pm.

There will be no Chelsea episode November 18th or any of the following weeks. E4 tease that the season will end on something of a cliffhanger with Digby Edgley making his first appearance of the season, only to have his relationship with Olivia Bentley put under the microscope.

It looks like there is no clear end in sight for the ongoing saga involving Miles Nazaire and Maeva D’Ascanio, while Verity Bowditch and Tristan Phipps continue to cause sparks with their new relationship.

Episode 11’s synopsis reads: “Maeva’s dad is in town and all set to meet James for the first time. But how will Maeva react when she discovers Miles has been secretly meeting her father too? Tristan and Verity are moving fast, and their friends are quick to tell them to slow down. When faced with whether to be exclusive or not, Tristan has a big decision to make.

After an emotional farewell, is Liv having doubts about a long-distance relationship with Digby.”

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Ep11. Liv and Digby.

Made in Chelsea head to Argentina: Start date

The gang will ditch their usual Christmas plans for a short vacay in Buenos Aire, Argentina.

Made in Chelsea Argentina will air for six episodes on E4 in the usual 9 pm slot on Monday nights.

Although there is no confirmed start date for the abroad special it should air a couple of weeks after series 18 comes to a close, on Monday, December 9th.

What’s going to happen in Buenos Aires?

Due to the cost of looking after the entire MIC cast, not everyone from series 18 will make the trip to Buenos Aires.

From Instagram, we know that Jamie Laing has already been in Argentina enjoying the iconic Iguazu Falls and will undoubtedly feature in the series alongside Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo.

Miles and Maeva and Verity and Tristan are all strong contenders given their presence in S18, with Channel 4 teaing that new romances could unravel during the steamy trip overseas.

Likewise, one relationship could be over… is it the final straw for Digby and Liv?

As the festive lights turn on in London, the Chelsea residents jet off to Buenos Aires. But while new romances sizzle in the Latin heat, others don’t look set to make it to Christmas. Expect tempestuous tangos, festive fallouts and holiday hookups as the gang live la vida Latina before returning home to New Year celebrations in Chelsea.