Sophie Habboo has been the talk of the town in the last two seasons of Made in Chelsea.

She’s fallen in love with, forgiven and dumped Sam Thompson 10 times over in series 16 but now it looks like she’s moving on.

So who is Habbs’ date on Made in Chelsea? Have we seen Max before?

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Meet Made in Chelsea Max

In Made in Chelsea episode 10 (December 10th) Habbs felt the wrath of Louise Thompson after she broke up with her brother, Sam.

Now in episode 11 it looks like she’s moved swiftly on as we see her invite MIC newbie, Max Rothman, ice-skating!

Habbs bumped into Melissa Tattam after collecting her things from Sam’s house.

Max ‘the guy from the club the other night’ came along and got chatting to the girls.

Habbs said:

He’s really good looking.

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea s16 e11 – E4

Habbs and Max Go Skating

With ‘Feliz Navidad’ blaring we see Miles, James Taylor, Eliza, Habbs and newbie Max gliding across the ice rink – kind of.

Habbs and Max joked that she was getting the hang of ice skating.

Max said: “It’s been really nice getting to know you, hopefully, we can do something again soon.”

For Habbs to reply: “Yeah, for sure.”

This was bound to hit Sammy right where it hurt as he gazed over the ice rink from the festive bar above.

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea s16 e11 – E4

Habbs and Sam Thompson

After being off and on, then off and on again, Sam Thompson and Sophie Habboo are officially over!

As of season 16 episode 6, Sam Thompson somehow managed to officially worm his way back into Habbs’s good books.

The pair met Harry Baron and Melissa Tattam for lunch and Harry said:

So you guys are official?

Sam said: “We are” before the pair exchanged a kiss.

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea season 16 episode 6

But everything changed once again and Habbs ended up dumping Sam at Ollie Locke’s book launch.

Louise then went wild at Habbs for dumping her little brother.

At Jamie Laings 30th birthday party Habbs approached Louise to have a chat.

Louise insisted that Habbs was a social climber and that she never liked Sam, however, Habbs stood by the fact that a break up is never easy and that she didn’t know how to end it with him.

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