Made in Chelsea: Sam Thompson in bizarre Brandon Williams Instagram love triangle

Made in Chelsea: Sam Thompson in bizarre Brandon Williams Instagram love triangle

Made in Chelsea series 18 welcomed back everyone’s favourite happy chappy – Sam Thompson.

It looks like 2019 brings us Sam Thomspon 2.0 as the Made in Chelsea star is donning a new body, girlfriend and backbone.

The MIC star waltzed back onto the E4 show ready to have a showdown with Chelsea’s seasoned low-key lothario Jamie Laing.

Now, Jamie and Sam have patched things up and appear friends. But there’s never a dull moment for old Sammy T as footballers are now DMing his girlfriend. When is the poor boy going to get a break?

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea series 18, Sam Thompson return

Sam Thompson and Brandon Williams

The evening of November 23rd 2019 saw Sam take to Instagram to call out Brandon Williams for sending a private message to his girlfriend, Zara McDermott.

Zara, who originally found fame on Love Island, took part in The X Factor: Celebrity in 2019 and has probably been receiving DM’s like there’s no tomorrow.

In true Sammy T style, the reality star made a joke out of the whole charade. He sarcastically asked why he doesn’t get messages from his favourite football players.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, Sam said: “We’ve got Brandon Williams today, who is actually sick and got his debut, congratulations Brandon. Little eye emoji, yes boy. Love that, classic stuff.”

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Patrice Evra slides into the DM’s

Of course, Zara can’t just be receiving a one-off message from 19-year-old footie star Brandon Williams, she’s catching the attention of football OG’s, too!

As well as an eye emoji from Brandon, Zara received a private message from 42-year-old married man Patrice Evra.

The Daily Mail reported Sam’s response to the message: “He’s sent one of those things where he says, “I love this game.” Why don’t they reply to me, but slide into her DMs? I’m just as good!”

Have the footballers replied?

By the looks of things, neither footballer has made a comment after being called out.

Sam obviously made light of the whole situation rather than acting jealous – the new and improved ‘mature’ Sam Thompson on top form.

He even made a joke that the footballers were from Manchester United. Sam asked where the players from his favourite team were: “It’s always Man United, but where are the Chelsea boys? Mason Mount, slide in. Or Tammy Abraham, you’re my hero, come on!”

It looks like men sliding into Zara’s DM’s is something the MIC pair are going to have to get used to. Zara’s fame is ever-increasing with a singing career on the horizon.

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