Made in Chelsea season 17 took us on a rollercoaster of dipping and diving emotions, introducing new characters and new relationships.

From Jamie Laing and Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo’s new romance to the delightfully bizarre Amelia Mist, there has been plenty to shout about as the E4 series looked fresh and rejuvenated for the 2019 series.

Sadly, however, all good things have to come to an end.

Series 17 is now over with fans swiftly moving on to the potential summer series and Made in Chelsea season 18 – here’s everything you need to know!

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Has Made in Chelsea finished?


Unfortunately, Made in Chelsea season 17 finished on Monday, June 17th.

Episode 13 was the last in the 2019 series. However, if you missed the episode – or simply want to catch up on the entire boxset – you can watch MIC via the official Channel 4 media player, ALL4.

Will there be a MIC abroad special?

There should be… although it’s still unconfirmed.

Most Made in Chelsea series are followed up by a shorter abroad special, where the drama is soaked up in a sunny location and left to stew until rivalries turn even more sourer.

Currently, C4 have not confirmed a Made in Chelsea special for 2019.

Should the gang decide to elope abroad for a month or two – which they more than often do – then the MIC abroad special is likely to air in August/ September.

Screen Shot: Sam Thompson and Habbs, Made in Chelsea: Croatia, E4

Screen Shot: Sam Thompson and Habbs, Made in Chelsea: Croatia, E4

What do we know about Miles and Mavea and Jamie and Habbs?

Two of the main talking points from season 17 were the on/off relationship saga between Miles Nazaire and Maeva D’Ascanio and Jamie Laing and Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo.

Miles and his fiery French ex are definitely friends again and can be seen cuddling during a drunken night out on Instagram Stories. Some may even suggest that they look closer than chums…

It’s hard to tell what has happened between J-man and Habbs since filming concluded, with little evidence on social media or in the press. As we know, they’re taking things slowly and are continuing to date.

The pair were spotted at Glastonbury festival together.

When is Made in Chelsea season 18?

The Made in Chelsea seasons usually alternate between March and October.

This means that season 18 should launch at the start of October 2019.

What makes the next season particularly interesting is whether Sam Thompson and sister Louise Thompson will return to the show.

Sam Thompson and sister Louise Thompson both quit the show ahead of season 17, with Sam feeling fragile from his break-up with Habbs and his sister concentrating on her wedding with Ryan Libbey.

However, neither of them ruled out returning to the series at a later date. It remains unlikely that Sam and Louise will return for series 18 although there is the possibility given recent developments.

Sam has confirmed that he is in a relationship with Love Island star Zara McDermott, perhaps hinting that he has fully moved on from Habbs and may be ready to return to the show.

Other cast members

Channel 4 have confirmed the bulk of their main characters for season 18 which will include MIC legends; Jamie Laing, Olivia Bentley, Alex Mytton, Sophie Hermann, Mark Francis, Oliver Proudlock, Victoria Baker-Harber and Fredrik Ferrier.

Increasing popular personalities; Miles Nazaire, James Taylor, Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo, Harry Barron and Melissa Tattam, Eliza Batten, Maeva D’Ascanio, Amelia Mist and Verity Scarlett Bowditch,

And fringe players; Freddie Brown, Rosi Mai and Angus Findlay.

Prepare to say goodbye to the likes of Hugo Leefe and Sammy Allsop, though, whose relationships on the show ended.

Interestingly, there is no mention of Digby Edgley for series 18. Perhaps the model is taking a break from the show as it is not believed that he and Olivia have split up.