Jamie Laing has a long list of ex-girlfriends, often including fellow cast members from E4 series Made in Chelsea.

Now set to appear on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – which is infamous for breaking up couples – who is Jamie’s girlfriend as he heads into the show?

From Heloise Agostinelli to Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo, here’s everything you need to know about the complicated love life of Mr Laing.

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Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Who is Jamie Laing’s ex-girlfriend?

Jamie confirmed that he had split up with his French girlfriend, Heloise Agostinelli, during a Made in Chelsea episode that aired in April.

Rumours surrounding their relationship started to circulate towards the start of April when Jamie, 30, and Ell, 20, unfollowed each other on Instagram and stopped appearing in pictures together.

The pair dated for around 12 months, with Jamie telling El he “loved her” in an early May 2018 episode of Made in Chelsea. Jamie never specifically confirmed why they split up.

Heloise Agostinelli wears a white coat, a white lace top, black pants, a bag, outside Dior, during Paris Fashion Week Womenswear (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Does Jamie Laing have a new girlfriend?


Jamie is officially boyfriend/girlfriend with co-star Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo. They started a romance in May 2019 before deciding to official date in June.

Following a summer of love they’re still very much together and fully prepared for an autumn full of relationship trouble rumours as Jamie starts his journey on Strictly Come Dancing.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Jamie and Habbs’ relationship problems

One of the main issues when the pair first shacked up was Habbs’s ex, Sam Thompson, who is also best friends with Jamie.

Fortunately, Sam wasn’t in series 17 to experience the new romance first-hand, with Jamie revealing that his long term friend stopped speaking to him during the whole process.

Jamie breached the topic in the Drop the M.I.C podcast and said:

The problem is that in the press, things have come out like ‘Sam Thompson feels betrayed because Sophie Habboo and Jamie are dating’. And that’s pretty awkward, it gets a lot of people upset. my ex-girlfriend is upset (Heloise Agostinelli), Sam’s upset, Habbs’s friends are upset.

Sam Thompson will return to Made in Chelsea series 18, where he and Jamie will have the chance to smooth everything out.

Jamie has also recently been called out for ‘cheating’ on Habbs, with MIC co-star Rosi Mai Waldon confessing that she was sleeping with Jamie at the same time he started to date Habbs.

Rosi said:

The worst thing about is that I’m pretty sure it was at the same time as he (Jamie) was seeing Habbs. But it wasn’t just once as well. Even after the polo (when Jamie kissed Habbs at the end of series 17), he’s been texting me… he made a really big deal about keeping a secret and now I know why.


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