Who is Christian “CP” Patterson?

He may be one of the latest cast members on brand new MTV series Made in Staten Island, which airs every Monday night at 10 pm, but what do we actually know about him?

Here are five things about CP that you 100% need to know!


Christian Patterson’s Father is in Jail

Mack ‘Butter’ Patterson is an notorious name around Staten Island.

He was arrested in 2017 on account of a heroin ring. (according to )

And, after that, he was caught selling over $20,000 worth of heroin and fentanyl over a six-month period, with undercover NYPD officers purchasing the narcotics from Patterson and his gang.


He is Out on Bail Himself!

Christian has previously explained that he is currently waiting for a hearing to see whether or not he will be going to jail.

He was involved in a fight that led to an 18-year-old man being stabbed multiple times. Christian has always protested his innocence and denies that he stabbed anyone.

On Made in Staten Island, he said:

I made a mistake I definitely regret it a lot. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, honestly.


Christian Lives with His Aunt and Uncle

Christian may be pretty tight with his Staten Island friends, but to him, his dad will always be his best friend.

But with CP’s dad in jail, he has to live with aunt and uncle.

Screen Shot: CP and his aunt - MTV, Season 1
Screen Shot: CP and his aunt – MTV, Season 1

He Met His Best Friend at the Train Tracks

Christian has his friends, and then he has his best friend, Kayla KG Gonzalez.

According to CP, the pair met back in the day when the teenagers would hang out at the train tracks.

He describes her as the “muscle” of the group — a girl version of himself.

The dynamic dup hang out every day and CP trusts her more than anyone, even asking her to come with him to see his father in jail.


CP has a Good Heart

Christian claims to be very outgoing and has a big heart.

Though his number one best friend is his father, his friends come a close second.


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