Make Or Break has been renewed for a second season on Channel 5.

The show will officially air in April 2019 however for two weeks the complete series 2 is available to watch on My5.

Eight brave couples flew out to the Caribbean to sort out their issues, but which of the Make Or Break couples are still together?
Make Or Break season 2 cast Chris and Shauna – My5

Liam and Amelia – Break

Of all the couples, Twitter has probably had the most to say about Liam and Amelia.

From day one Liam didn’t choose to speak to his girlfriend very nicely and the details of why he treated her so badly were never revealed. Although talk of Amelia seeing her ex was spoken about.

Liam and Amelia are no longer together.
Channel 5 Make Or Break Amelia and Liam – series 2

Chris and Shauna – Make

After Chris’s list of ex-partners skyrocketed from 20 to 45 to 100 on the show, things looked a bit rocky between him and Shauna.

However, it looks like they’ve come out the other side and are still together today.

Shauna and Chris are both on Instagram as @shaunagallon_ and @chrispowell31.
Make Or Break S2 Shauna and Chris

Jamie and Stephanie – Make

After episode nine’s lie detector test, Jamie and Stephanie really looked to be over for good.

However, from the looks of both of their Insta accounts, they’re happily together now.
Channel 5 Make Or Break Jamie and Stephanie – series 2

Kieran and Kirsty – Break

Kirsty pretty much had the whole nation in shock after her antics with Kyle on day two in the relationship retreat.

Kieran later found out about ‘spoongate’ and was fuming but the pair still carried on attempting to make their relationship work.

Now, though, Kieran’s included in his Instagram bio that he took part in a ‘f***ed up TV show’ and Kirsty looks very much single.
Channel 5 Make Or Break Kirsty and Kieran – series 2

Kyle and Elle – Break

Fiery couple Kyle and Elle had more than their fair share of ups and downs on Make Or Break.

When Elle found out about Kyle’s spooning shenanigans with Kirsty she said that he had broken her heart.

They stuck the show out until the end but the pair are no longer together.

In fact it looks like Kyle’s got a new girlfriend!
Make Or Break season 2 cast Elle and Kyle – My5

Lewis and Emily – Make

Lewis and Emily left the show in episode 6.

They didn’t leave the show because their relationship broke down, they left because Lewis was unable to let his girlfriend stay in a hut with his nemesis contestant, Liam.

Lewis and Emily are still together and Lewis actually shared a throwback snap of the pair on Instagram in February 2019.
Channel 5 Make Or Break Emily and Lewis – series 2

Kenzii and Aaron – Break

Confusing couple Kenzii and Aaron joined the show in episode 5.

The pair baffled the rest of the couples when they admitted that they weren’t official.

Things went from bad to worse when Aaron let slip that he’d slept with another woman since he and Kenzii had been seeing each other.

Now, it looks like the couple have gone their separate ways.
Make Or Break S2 Aaron and Kenzii – Channel 5


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