Everything you need to know about Make Or Break series 2 couple Elle and Kyle

My5 released a brand new series of relationship show Make Or Break on February 2nd.

Ready to salvage what’s left of their relationships, complete challenges, take part in couples’ therapy and even swap partners are eight brave couples.

Elle Sweeney and Kyle Starnes are one of the show’s original couples to take part in series 2.

Here’s everything you need to know about Make Or Break’s Elle and Kyle!

Make Or Break season 2 cast Elle and Kyle – My5

How Old are Elle and Kyle?

The Suffolk couple were both pretty young at the time of filming the show with Elle being 20 years old and Kyle, 21.

Elle works as a pharmacy dispenser and her cheeky chappy boyfriend works as a plumber.

Make Or Break season 2 cast Elle and Kyle – My5

What is their Relationship Like?

Of course, the pair’s relationship is somewhat on the rocks as they have ended up on Make Or Break.

According to Channel 5, while the couple were on a break Kyle slept with two of Elle’s friends. And Elle also slept with someone else when they were on a break too.

After 3 years together Kyle and Elle say they are no longer in their honeymoon period. They argue every day and at the time of filming said they live like an old married couple and are not even 20 yet.

Make Or Break season 2 cast Elle and Kyle – My5

Are Kyle and Elle Still Together?

For anyone needing to know whether it was ‘make or break’ for the couple – see spoilers below!

Almost the second the pair set foot in Paradise, tensions rose as Kyle happened to know cast mate Shauna.


Elle immediately looked horrified as Shauna and Kyle had a giggle in the group’s circle and on return to their hut asked Kyle who Shauna was.

Kyle then said he’d “spent the night” with her before but that it was nothing.

From the looks of their Instagram accounts, it would seem that both Kyle and Elle have now officially moved on from one another.

Make Or Break season 2 cast Elle and Kyle – My5




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