Make Or Break is back for a second series and it’s better than ever.

The eight couples are being put through their paces each day, testing to see if their relationship is worth staying in or breaking forever.

The full series is available on My5 for two weeks from February 1st and will air later on Channel 5 in April 2019.

Here’s everything you need to know about Make Or Break 2’s Kirsty!
Screen Shot: Make Or Break 2019 Kirsty – My5

Kirsty’s Instagram

One half of the Make Or Break green team has been the talk of Twitter since the series went live on My5.

Kirsty was angry with her boyfriend’s lack of passion towards her and the pair went through some counselling sessions to get themselves on the same page.

The Edinburgh based PA has got 1,425 Instagram followers (@kirstystenhousex).

What Happened on Make Or Break?

As part of the show’s format, the couples are required to swap partners based on different aspects such as happiness, zodiac sign and intelligence.

In the first few of days of being at the couple’s relationship retreat, Kirsty had to share a room with another contestant, Kyle.

While most of the other couples just buddied up for the night and topped and tailed it, Kirsty and Kyle got much closer than anyone could have imagined leading to absolute carnage when images of the pair spooning were revealed to their partners.
Screen Shot: Make Or Break 2019 Kirsty – My5

Kieran had another shocker when he found out that Kirsty’s dog had been bought with money she’d earned from sugar daddies.

Kirsty had told Kieran that her parents helped her buy the dog. After that lie, Kieran spent a good day or two fuming.

However, by the end of the Make Or Break series the pair did choose to stay together.

Are Kirsty and Kieran Still Together?

No. Kirsty and Kieran are not together.

And judging by Kieran’s Instagram he’s not looking back with regret.

Both of them now look to be enjoying the single life.


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