Moonshiners Mark Rogers’ love life explored, does he have a wife?

Moonshiners Mark Rogers' love life explored, does he have a wife?

Following the lives of liquor distillers in the Appalachian Mountains, Moonshiners is a Discovery show that’s been airing since 2011. Ten years on and fans have become well-acquainted with the cast members including Digger, Tim, Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton and more.

The Discovery show is onto its 11th season in 2021 and Mark Rogers is one of the cast members who’s had his life turned into a TV show. So, does Mark Rogers from Moonshiners have a wife?

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Who is Mark from Moonshiners?

Mark Rogers is a skilled survivalist, he lives off the land and has hunting, fishing and carpentry skills. He works as a hunting guide when he’s not making moonshine.

As per Mark’s bio on the Sugarlands Distillery website, he’s been making moonshine since he was 8 years old. He said: “Once you’ve had some good liquor, you’ll know it.

In 2014, he collaborated with the Distillery to produce a moonshine in his honour called ‘Mark Rogers’ American Peach Moonshine.’

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Does Mark Rogers from Moonshiners have a wife?

It’s currently unconfirmed whether Moonshiners cast member Mark Rogers has a wife.

The Discovery star doesn’t wear a wedding ring on the 2021 show, so this could suggest that he’s not married. Mark Ramsey and Eric ‘Digger’ Manes are both married and wear a wedding ring on the show.

During Moonshiners season 11, Mark and Huck were crushing grapes by foot to make wine. Mark said that back in the olden days women used to crush grapes by foot to make wine but he joked: “We ain’t got no women round here, so I guess it’s me or Huck“.

However, this may not mean that Mark is single, it could just mean that there aren’t any women around the Appalachian Mountains.

Who is Mark’s moonshining partner?

Mark’s moonshining partner is Huck. The duo can often be seen having a great time making liquor in the woods.

As with most of the show’s cast members, the aim is to make the best liquor that will sell for a great price and produce as much profit as possible.

Season 11 sees Mark and Huck create a blend of raspberry, lemonade and moonshine as well as a fortified wine liquor to produce new and unique products.

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