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Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2

Meet all the characters from Love Island The Game series 2! They're looking more HD than ever

Everyone’s favourite dating show has officially kicked off!

The fifth series of Love Island started on June 3rd on its usual channel of ITV2.

The dating show has been so much of a hit that it has its own game – Love Island The Game.

You can download the game from the Apple App store or Android users can head to the Google Play store.

Here’s a rundown of all the Love Island game characters from season 2!

Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2

Love Island game series 2 characters

Once you’ve downloaded the game you’ll be asked if you’re ready to flirt, fight and find love!

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

And of course you are…

There are 10 characters on the game to begin with including yourself.

And the first episode of the game involves creating your character, meeting the girls and pairing up with a boy of your choice – provided they step forward for you that is.

It literally feels like the real thing!


First up we meet Hope on the Love Island game.

Hope’s looking stylish as ever and our fellow Islander comes off very friendly.

She’s a 26-year-old retail embassador from London who was voted ‘Most likely to become CEO’.

Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2


Next, Lottie whooshes onto the screen.

The tattooed character is dubbed ‘brave’ by Hope for her edgy look.

Lottie is a 24-year-old Melbourne-born makeup artist.

We got her on-side straight away as it’s key to be friendly to get ahead in the game!

You can see five hints and tips from the game developers here.

Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2


The next character to appear was adorable Hannah.

Hannah seems nice as pie but remember, at this point, you’re only one episode in!

The redhead is a social media assistant from St. Albans and is just 21 years old.

Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2


The final girl to pop her head in the Love Island villa bedroom was Marisol.

Marisol oozed sophistication wearing specs and repping a law student status.

We’re not too sure if Marisol can be trusted, though, as she seemed to have more of a love for coffee than champagne.

Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2

The Boys

After meeting all the girls, your character waltzes outside to be greeted by five hot guys.

Just like in real life, the boys and girls are very flirty but it’s up to you who you flirt with and who you ignore in the game!

You’ve got the power!


We meet blonde haired, blue eyed Gary first.

He’s a handsome chap who clearly works out but it seems that Twitter’s not so keen on him!

Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2


Next, Noah graced our phone screen looking like something out of a boyband.

Although incredibly good looking, he seemed to be a more mysterious, quiet type.

Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2


Tarzan-esq Rocco was the third boy to introduce himself.

The flirty 21-year-old comes from Belfast and owns a food truck – is there anything better than a virtual boyfriend who can cook?

Rocco AKA ‘hot-looking Irish Jesus’ gets a yes from us!

Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2


Golf-pro Ibrahim ended up being our character’s partner.

He’s 22 years old and comes from Birmingham.

Ibrahim had a friendly face and some massive shoulders to match.

His confident and flirty demeanour was what blew us away.

Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2


Last but not least, Bobby was the fifth boy to say “Hello”.

He seemed more the friendly type with a career in hospital catering under his belt.

At 24 years old it’s safe to say that cute little Bobby looks a bit younger than he is but he’s one hundred per cent Twitter’s favourite so far!

Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2



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