Channel 5 documentary Student Sex Workers has proved an eye-opening experience for audiences in the UK.

Following the lives of students who turned to ‘sex work’ – such as cam girl shows and late-night erotic dancing – there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the two-part documentary.

According to the show, 1 in 20 university students have turned to sex work. So let’s get to meet the cast of C5’s Student Sex Workers including Ella, Roo and Carly.

Roo. English literature student, Roo filming her own material

What is Student Sex Workers and when is it on TV?

The Channel 5 documentary investigates how and why students turn to the sex industry to make money, with some having their degrees in jeopardy because of their side career.

Student Sex Workers includes adult movie stars, strippers, ‘cam girls’ and more.

Episode 1 aired on Wednesday, June 12th, while the two-part documentary concludes on Thursday, June 13th on Channel 5 at 10 pm.

Meet the cast: Carly Rae Summer

Carly was a 19-year-old fashion student from Manchester when she turned her hand to adult movies.

On the show, Carly said that she resorted to the sex industry for extra income having failed to find jobs in the local area. She said: “I was 19, in uni, running out of money and I had made video clips before for random boys and I thought, ‘D’you know what, I could make some money out of this.’”

Now 25, Carly fully relies on the sex industry for income but caps herself with a maximum to earn through the work, which is a healthy £30,000 per year.

You can follow Carly on Instagram under @carlyraesummers.


Carly’s friend, Roo, got into the sex industry at the same time.

Eventually, she quit her English and creative writing university course mid-way through her second year because of the financial pulling power of her new-found skills.

Roo has a hefty 60,000+ sized Instagram following under @roomorgueraphaelite.


Jasmine was at the centre of attention during episode 1 of the documentary as her saga balancing university and sex work was ongoing at the time of filming.

The 23-year-old is a parademic student yet her time at university may be under threat as the news of her sex work has surfaced, and the university wants to discuss whether she should continue with balancing the two.

Jasmine does live webcam shows from home where she earns £2 per minute for slowly stripping off her clothes. She often advertises on Babe Station and can earn £1,000 in one night should some request a private show.

Jasmine. Student, Web-Cam Girl, Glamour photography Model & Exoctic Dancer - applying her make-up
Jasmine. Student, Web-Cam Girl, Glamour photography Model & Exoctic Dancer – applying her make-up

Ella Hughes

Star of episode 2 is Ella Hughes who is not only a law and criminology graduate but an award-winning adult film star.

Ella is very well known in the industry and has an official blue tick to go with her 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Originally from Birmingham, the raunchy model has cracked markets in both the USA and UK.

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