It took Danny Dyer’s daughter Dani – yes, actual name Dani – all of 25 minutes to open up about her famous dad on the new series of Survival of The Fittest.

Episode One of the new ITV2 series, that is quickly becoming known as SOTF, was thrusted into our faces on Sunday night (February, 11, 2018).

The group of six men and six women were quickly pegged down by one however, with bar-maid and actor enthusiast Dani Dyer leaving due to injury.

She launched herself into the action, chatting to opposite sex rival Callum on a sun drenched canopy in the luxurious SOTF lodge in South Africa.

“Nah, I hate saying it” – said Dani, after admitting to have got into acting because of a famous parent but refusing to give up a name.

Callum lightly pressed the matter before Dani revealed all, explaining how Danny Dyer is her dad before adding “shh” and “don’t tell anyone”.

With her work done, Callum left the conversation and went on to tell every single person in the complex about Dani’s famous dad – which was clearly the only outcome from her ‘secret’ reveal.

However, Dani was unable to use any pulling power from her Eastenders old-man to her advantage and immediately got injured during the first Survival of The Fittest challenge.

ITV2: Survival of The Fittest -
ITV2: Survival of The Fittest –

Diving head first into the assault course and Dani disclosed her shoulder as she attempted to slide through the first section.

ITV2: Survival of The Fittest -
ITV2: Survival of The Fittest –
ITV2: Survival of The Fittest -
ITV2: Survival of The Fittest –

The female team members continued to fight on, although they eventually lost, while Dani sobbed her apologies to her team-mates.

ITV2 producers have now confirmed that Dani has left the series. She is deemed unfit to take part in the reality TV show’s physical activities.

A spokesperson said: “Dani injured her shoulder during the recording of a challenge.

“She was attended to by on site medics and taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

ITV2: Survival of The Fittest -
ITV2: Survival of The Fittest –

“As Survival Of The Fittest involves physical challenges which she wouldn’t be able to take part in, Dani isn’t in a position to be able to return to The Lodge and will therefore leave the show.”

Now sporting a sling thanks to her injury, Dani has admitted that she is gutted to have left the show so early, with months of hard work and training gone to waste.

She said: “I haven’t stopped training since Christmas.

“I’ve been dieting. I did Tough Mudder last year and I didn’t even hurt myself then.”

On Monday night’s episode of Survival of The Fittest and the females are set to lose another contestant. The group of five had collectively been put up for public vote having lost the first challenge of the series to the boys.

However, with the unexpected departure of Dani the vote may not go ahead or, more likely, another new female contestant will hook up with the group in South Africa.

How exciting !!!

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