Meet Ella - The Circle's newest addition and body confidence promoter!

Meet Ella - The Circle's newest addition and body confidence promoter!

The show full of twists and turns is back for 2019 and it’s proving to be just as entertaining as last year. The Circle has officially kicked off on Channel 4 as of September 24th.

While the winner of the 2018 show made their way to success by being a catfish, this year could see someone who’s one-hundred per cent themselves bag the £100k prize.

And, just as farmer Sy made his exit, a new contestant entered the competition!

Let’s meet Ella, The Circle’s newcomer ready to breathe some more fun into the show…

Screenshot: Ella The Circle – Channel 4

Meet Ella!

Oozing confidence, a great sense of humour and kindness, apparently, is a newcomer to The Circle, Ella!

Ella said in her initial interview: “I’m a laugh, to be honest.

“On first look, I’m not going to be a man’s cup of tea, give me two hours and I’ll laugh them into bed.”

The bubbly beauty is 24 years old and currently lives in London.

Ella thinks that she’ll be popular in The Circle and said, quite matter-of-factly:

I’m more than a f***ing pair of t*ts, you know?

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Screenshot: Ella The Circle – Channel 4

Is Ella on Instagram?

Ella’s profile on The Circle app describes her as “a follower of the body confidence movement”.

Proud of her body, Ella is 6 ft 1 and a size 20.

The straight-talking CFC fan is on Instagram and can be found under the handle @ella_may1232.

Her Circle profile continues: “Ella admits that there was a time when certain Instagram accounts would make her doubt herself and question her image, so she made a decision to unfollow every account which didn’t make her feel good about herself and now only follows inspiring, body-positive people.”

Screenshot: Ella The Circle – Channel 4

What is Ella’s gameplan on The Circle?

Unlike the other catfish on the 2019 show including Judy (who is really Richard Madeley) and Jay (who’s actually his mum, Katie), Ella will play as herself.

She says she wants other people to have the same confidence as her so we can imagine that a lot of positive vibes are going to be coming from London gal Ella as well as a fair few compliments and entertaining girls’ chats.

As she entered her apartment, Ella, was clearly very excited to be there and said: “This is mental”.

A guest on the live show sofa, Scarlett Moffatt, said: “I think she’s going to be so much fun!”

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