Get ready to blub because a brand new series of First Dates is upon us. The 2020 series kicked off with a Valentines Special on February 13th.

Episode 1 of the new season features a variety of daters ready to throw themselves back into finding “the one”.

Airing at 10 pm on Channel 4 on Thursday, February 20th, First Dates sees Rosco waltz into the restaurant. So, let’s get to know First Dates’ Rosco a little more.

Screenshot: First Dates Rosco and Helen – Channel 4

First Dates: Meet Rosco

From his leopard print shoes to his perfectly coiffured moustache, Rosco was hard to miss on episode 1 of First Dates.

The 31-year-old Mayfair bartender rocked up at the restaurant and said: “Fancy that ey? A Geordie in Mayfair!”

When it came to talking his ‘type on paper’, Rosco said: “Just someone who’s real, man. Good chat, northern.”

Rosco won the 2016 London bartender award

As Rosco introduced himself to viewers, he explained that he was an award-winning bartender. He bagged himself the title of ‘best bartender in London’ in 2016. He now lives and works in London.

Rosco revealed that “some big players” go to his place of work in Mayfair. He said that he’d met Tom Hardy and then revealed that he’d “felt his ar**”. Rosco added: “Like two boiled eggs in a handkerchief.”

Cheeky First Dates bartender, Merlin, suggested that Rosco pretend to be the bartender for the night when his date walked through the restaurant doors.

Fred Sirieix said: “Rosco, don’t mess this up, yeah?”


Thankfully he didn’t mess it up and his date, Helen, thought she was the first to arrive for her date.

Rosco and Helen’s date

Pharmacist Helen, 28, was matched with Rosco and it looked like the pair of northerners got on well.

The pair both admitted to each other that they were enjoying themselves.

And when the all-important question was asked at the end of the night – “Would you like to see each other again?” – both Rosco and Helen wished to go on a second date.

Their first date continued into the early hours of the morning and they continued to go on more dates in London afterwards!

Find Rosco on Twitter under the handle @RoscoNolan. Although he doesn’t appear to be on Instagram, the bartender can be found tagged in many a post on Insta.

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Screenshot: First Dates Rosco and Helen – Channel 4




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