Meet Jake! The most popular character on the Love Island game?

The Love Island game has been driving people crazy.

For those who had a hole left in their heart following the close of Love Island series four, the official mobile game has well and truly filled that gap.

Or should we say, one man has filled that gap.

Twitter has been swooning over Love Island character Jake, and it seems like Jake is the most popular man in the computer-animated villa.

Here’s how you have been reacting to that deliciously handsome chef from Preston…

Screen Shot: Love Island game – Fusebox Games

No.1 Love Island Character

The 29-year-old is one of the more mature characters in the game.

Which is bizarre, considering players have to be pretty damn immature to spend all of their time playing an imaginary dating game!

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Nevertheless, Jake, we worship you…

Even the Creators Fell in Love with Jake!

We spoke to the Love Island game’s creative director, Michael Othen, who admitted that even he opted to couple up with Jake when he was test driving game.

Michael said: Jake has got a really quiet and considerate energy.

“Jake wasn’t thrust in your face as a potential love interest at first and I think that’s the reason he became so attractive to game players.

“In the same way that Megan (Barton-Hanson) and Wes (Nelson) got together, Jake offers that unexpected storyline.”

Screw Tim!

In comparison, the worst Love Island game character is obviously Tim.

Like, seriously, who is pairing up with Tim?

Screen Shot: Love Island game – Fusebox Games

Patiently Waiting

Of course, not everyone who plays the Love Island app falls head over heels for Jake.

But that’s because other people are dumb and impatient.

You can’t rush love, and Jake is worth the wait.

Jake v Levi

The only other rival who comes near Jake in the villa is Levi.

He’s pretty smooth and dishy, too, although J-star often asserts his dominance and gets the upper hand during recouplings.

Pick me, Jake!

Smooth Operator

While Jasper has a few super-smooth lines hidden up his sleeve, no-one can top Jake for all-out romance.

He doesn’t dish compliments out left, right and centre, but when he does… well, it could warm the coldest of hearts.

Our Superman

Love Island definitely needs to take a leaf out of the game’s book and throw a superhero fancy dress party in one of the future series.

Adam Collard would have looked great in a cape and pants, although no-one is topping our Superman.


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