It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for… the doors at Casa Amor are finally open!

While Love Island 2020 has taken a few interesting turns with the entertaining introduction of Rebecca Gormley and the two Lukes, the first-ever winter series has felt a little lifeless at times.

Whether it’s the pressure of having to keep up to date with two Love Island series in one year or the simple fact that the cast is a bit sh*t, everything could be about to change over the next few episodes.

Chaos will be unleashed in the South African villa as 12 new singletons are thrown into the mix. Who will stay loyal? Whose head will turn? And could Jordan Waobikeze establish himself as a potential winner?

Instagram: @jordanwaobikeze,

Instagram: @jordanwaobikeze,

Who is Jordan Waobikeze?

Jordan is a 24-year-old administrator from London. According to his LinkedIn, Jord works as a teaching and learning administrator at UCL (University College London).

Essentially, he helps organise the University’s programme development, timetabling, examinations, and quality monitoring.


Life at Bath University

Prior to landing his London job in 2019, the stunning Casa Amor newbie studied Biology at University of Bath, graduating with a 2:1 in 2017.

Something of a Uni Sporty Spice, Jord was involved in both the football and boxing teams. Only time will tell if he is punching above his weight in the villa…

Which girl has Jord got his eye on?

According to his pre-Love Island interview with ITV, Jordan told producers that he has his eye on “everyone”. Which basically means the 24-year-old thinks he’s good looking enough to land anyone.

Jordan said:

I’m going to bring energy and fun to the villa. I’m cheeky but I always tell the truth, I say things as I see them and I’m hoping I can find someone to take home to my mum. My family’s seal of approval is very important. I’ve been single for a year and a half so I’m looking for love.

Reality Titbit odds of surviving Casa Amor: Jordan doesn’t appear to be the sort of guy who will obey to bro-code and could get shunned out the by OG guys.

However, they’re not around during Casa Amor and we give Jordan a solid 8/12 chance of survival given the easily swayed Jess Gale and now single Rebecca Gormley.

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Jordan Waobikeze: Ethnicity

According to Jordan’s Instagram, he has a mixed heritage of British, Welsh and Nigerian.

His surname, Waobikeze, can be traced back to Nigeria, although it is as equally as common in England and the USA – albeit around one in 2.4 million!

The Love Island 2020 star on Instagram

You can follow the 24-year-old on Insta under @jordanwaobikeze, where he starts his reality TV journey with 6,000 followers.

Other than some pics of his abs, most of Jordan’s Instagram page has been stripped bare ahead of his arrival in the villa.

Although there are some hidden pics of his ex from 2017…

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special one ✨

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