Queer Eye season 6 is officially ready to binge-watch on Netflix as of December 31st, 2021. The Fab Five are totally transforming 10 heroes lives in Austin, Texas. One of the season 6 heroes includes cowboy Josh Eilers.

With Tan ready to give Josh’s wardrobe a switch-up, Jonathan on grooming, Antoni ready to take over the kitchen, Karamo on culture and Bobby with a huge interior design job on his hands, the Fab Give certainly had a lot of work do to during episode 3 ‘No More Bull’. Here’s more on. Josh from Queer Eye season 6 – his Instagram explored.

Queer Eye | Season 6 Official Trailer | Netflix

Queer Eye | Season 6 Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Josh from Queer Eye season 6?

Queer Eye season 6 episode 3, sees the Fab Five head to a cattle ranch to meet 32-year-old cowboy Josh Eilers.

Josh was drinking beer before noon, Tan said “he speaks like Matthew McConaughey” and there was a general consensus that Josh’s hair needed to be washed ASAP from the Fab Five.

Josh is the owner of Ranger Cattle which grows Wagyu beef, one of the most expensive kinds going.

Are Josh Eilers and Kayla together following the show?

Josh’s ex-girlfriend, Kayla, nominated him to appear on the Netflix show and at the end of his episode, the two could be seen having a romantic meal. However, there’s nothing to suggest that Josh and Kayla are now together following the show on his social media.

The cowboy said during the show that he and Kayla had previously talked about marriage and they were in a serious relationship, however, things didn’t quite pan out.

Karamo said: “You said that Kayla was the right woman at the wrong time?

Josh revealed that it was a “weight on his heart” that it didn’t work out, but it’s still unconfirmed whether they’re together or not. Kayla seems to appear in a post on the Ranger Cattle Facebook page back in April 2021, so they may still be close.

We love giving ranch tours and showing folks the process behind raising cattle to produce the best beef possible. And yes, you can pet the cows along the way. DM us to set up a private dinner and tour!

Posted by Ranger Cattle on Thursday, April 1, 2021

Meet Josh from Queer Eye on Instagram?

Josh went straight from the US military to college, to starting his Wagyu beef company so it’s unlikely that he’s got a tonne of time for social media, but he can be found on Instagram.

He has just over 1k followers on Instagram @bcoranger.

Josh’s most recent Instagram post at the time of writing sees him with Vice President of Cattle Operations at Mishima Reserve Wagyu Beef Jennifer Tweedy.

Judging by her LinkedIn page, she appears to be based in Colorado. It’s unclear whether Josh and Jenny’s relationship is work-based or something more. Jenny hasn’t posted any photos with Josh to her Instagram, so they may be nothing more than friends.



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