As you may have noticed, ITV series Love Island has a knack of picking out some of the most beautiful singletons dotted across the UK.

The 2020 series, dubbed Winter Love Island, is no different, and former Miss Ghana UK stunner Leanne Amaning is sure to set pulses racing when she drops into the villa on Sunday, January 12th.

It’s no surprise that Amaning autocorrects as amazing as Leanne is already one of our favourite series 6 contestants. From her Instagram to job and studies, get to know the amazing Leanne here.

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Love Island: SR6 on ITV2
Pictured: Leanne Amaning.

Who is Leanne Amaning?

Leanne is a 22-year-old born in June, which makes her a Gemini.

She is born and raised in Walthamstow, East London. However, she spent a large part of her life in Nottingham where she studied Psychology at the University of Nottingham.

She graduated in 2019 with a masters degree and a very reputable distinction, although currently working as a customer service advisor.

Still, is she one of Love Island’s smartest ever contestants?

Leanne on Miss Ghana UK

In 2016, Leanne competed in Miss Ghana UK at the age of 19. She was one of the joint youngest entrants in the beauty pageant.

Speaking on the official competition website she said:

I am interested in beauty and makeup and in the future would like to do freelance makeup work. I also enjoy digital arts, photography and blogging.

Who knew that she was going to end up on Love Island!

Leanne Amaning: Ethnicity

The 22-year-old  clearly has roots tied to Ghana, given her appearance in the Miss G competition.

In fact, her full name is Leanne Ama Kwarteng-Amaning and she appeared on Miss Ghana saying that she was part of the ‘Ashanti’ tribe.

The Ashanti tribe is located in central Ghana and is the largest tribe of the region.

Is the Love Island star on Instagram?

Naturally, Leanna is on Instagram.

You can follow her on Insta under @leannesavannah, where she kick-starts her Love Island 2020 journey with 6,000 followers. Although we expect that page to face a serious glow up over the next 30 days and increase by 100x.

As with most modern Love Island contestants, Leanna cleared out her account before joining the show, meaning there are only 10 posts. That said, her old stories suggest that Lea loves a dance and won’t be afraid of shaking her thing in the South African villa.

Leanne’s Love Island interests

Speaking to ITV ahead of her arrival on the show, Leanne explained that she looking for a rugged and manly face, not the type with a “pretty boy” face.

Naturally, that’s why he celeb crush in Gerard Butler. Speaking of her ex history, which is far from Gerard and 300 men, Leanne said:

Technically, I’ve never actually had a boyfriend. I’ve been in plenty of situationships but that’s about it. I wanna go on Love Island so I can overcome my fear of men and be open to finding someone.