Meet Made in Chelsea's Ella Willis on Instagram: Julius' ex girlfriend!

Ella Willis is the talk of the town on Made in Chelsea series 21. Her ex-boyfriend Julius Cowdrey is a returning cast member on the show along with Miles Nazaire. Let’s get to know more about the ex that Julius is talking of in 2021.

Made in Chelsea series 21 episode 1 kicked off on March 29th, 2021. The E4 show returns with a slightly different set up, due to Covid restrictions, the cast members are all living in a huge house together – what could possibly go wrong?

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea series 21 episode 1 – Channel 4

Made in Chelsea: Julius and Ella

If there’s any reality TV show synonymous with relationship drama, Made in Chelsea fits the bill. From love triangles to drunken kisses, the MIC cast members have experienced it all.

By the looks of things, returning cast member Julius has a backstory worth noting when it comes to his ex-girlfriend Ella Willis.

Julius said to Fred and Sam during episode 1: “My ex didn’t really like me having girl mates and obviously Liv and I were so close and my ex basically thought Liv was in love with me“.

He also added: “Tristan went out with my ex” which provided some background on the awkwardness between himself, Liv and Tristan Phipps.

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Singleton Julius touched on his past on arrival at the MIC house. However, if we throw it back to a time when both Julius and Ella were on Made in Chelsea in 2017, there’s more to tell.

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Ella Willis on Made in Chelsea

Ella Willis appeared on Made in Chelsea in 2017 during series 13.

Her time on the show saw Harry Baron attempting to court her, Julius admitting to cheating on her and much more.

Ella and Julius’ relationship played out on-screen, however, given his single status going into MIC series 21, it’s clear that they’re no longer together.

Meet Ella Willis on Instagram

Ella Willis can be found on Instagram @ellanicolawills. She has over 60k followers.

By the looks of things, she and Julius may have broken things off amicably as she still has photos of the pair together posted on her IG page.

Ella looks to be a lover of travel, exercise and dogs judging by her Instagram, the 23-year-old writes in her bio: “Just For Fun“. It’s unclear what Ella moved onto following MIC, but fans can follow the former cast member to stay up-to-date.

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