She entered the villa alongside Essex girl Elma Pazar and could make it to the very end of Love Island 2019. Maura Higgins has been one of the stars of series 5, spicing things up with her hilarious and often inappropriate comments.

From ‘fanny flutters’ to ‘you’re getting tick with me’ viewers of this year’s Love Island can add a shedload more phrases to their vocabulary now that Maura’s been in the villa.

We can safely say she’s certainly not one to be messed with and looks to have finally found love in professional dancer Curtis Pritchard. So who are the people we need to thank for bringing Maura into the world? We found her parents on social media…
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Love Island: SR5: Ep47 on ITV2
Pictured: Curtis and Maura make their decision.

Love Island: Maura Higgins’ parents

Maura revealed her parents’ names during on of the Love Island challenges. Sharon and Seamus Higgins welcomed baby Maura to the world on November 25th, 1990.

Although Maura’s on the hunt for true love on the ITV dating show it doesn’t look like her parents had the fairytale ending. From Facebook, it looks as though Maura’s dad, Seamus, remarried in 2018.

It seems as though the whole family are happy, though, with Maura attending the wedding.

Maura also has two sisters, Beckie and Louise and a niece, Isabella.
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Love Island: SR5: Ep46 on ITV2
Pictured: Curtis and Maura go on a date.

Maura Higgins’ mum on Instagram

The Irish bombshell’s mum, Sharon, is on Instagram and Twitter (@HigginsSharon).

Maura’s mum has over 3,000 followers on her photography page @snowdrop_kisses.

After cosmetic surgery claims surfaced around Maura, Sharon spoke to the Longford Leader about her daughter having plastic surgery and said that she’s only ever had lip filler and nothing else.

Sharon has also been supporting her daughter using Twitter and retweeted some savage viewers’ opinions: “As if Marvin said on Aftersun “Maura fancies everything that moves” errrr, not you though because you got pied hun bitter or what?”
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Love Island: SR5: Ep29 on ITV2
Pictured: Maura.

What do Maura’s parents think of her and Curtis?

While it looks as though Maura’s dad prefers to stay out of the spotlight, her mum has been a bit more vocal. Still, we can’t put a face to the name as Sharon doesn’t seem to parade herself all over the internet.

Sharon is sure to appear on the meet the parents episode of Love Island series 5 and reunite with her daughter. Maura mentioned during her date with Curtis in episode 53 that her mum would love him.

Her mum has taken to Twitter to express her feelings on the couple and said how she can’t understand why people think Maura and Curtis aren’t real.



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