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Programme Name: Remarkable Places to Eat - TX: n/a - Episode: Edinburgh (No. 2 - Edinburgh) - Picture Shows: (R) with a member of staff serving Fish and Chips in Edinburgh Fred Sirieix - (C) Outline Productions - Photographer: Production

Meet Remarkable Places to Eat host Fred Sirieix - Is he married? Does he have kids?

Remarkable Places to Eat is the brand new BBC Two series that sees Fred Sirieix and Angela Hartnett dine at some of the best restaurants in Venice.

If you’re the type to get food envy or have the personality trait to suddenly book a trip abroad just to taste the fine cuisines of the region then perhaps tuning in to the four-episode series isn’t the smartest move.

However, for foodies across the country, Remarkable Places to Eat offers the perfect balance of insightful food knowledge, travel fun and, of course, the delightful Fred Sirieix.

Those into reality TV will recognise the host from his time on Channel 4 while others may be unfamiliar with this charming French man on their TV screens.

Here’s everything you need to know!

Remarkable Places to Eat – TX: in Edinburgh Fred Sirieix – (C) Outline Productions

What is Remarkable Places to Eat?

The series will follow Fred and Ang as they paddle through Venice tasting and testing all of the local delicacies from freshly caught fish to hidden restaurants and grand cafes.

Angela, a chef and restaurateur, leads the charge as she has a deep Italian heritage that has fabulous food engrained into her bloodline.

Expect stunning views, mesmerising cakes and humbling traditions.

Remarkable Places to Eat airs every Wednesday night on BBC 2 at 8 pm, with the fourth and final episode airing on August 7th.

Remarkable Places to Eat: Angela Hartnett, Fred Sirieix – (C) Outline Productions

Who is Fred Sirieix?

Fred is a 47-year-old restauranter and TV personality from France. He was born in Limoges, France on January 27th, 1972.

However, the Frenchman is equally as fluent in English and Italian than he is his native language, which you will see on display during the BBC series.

His most famous exploit comes on C4 dating show First Dates, where he oozes charm and charisma as the restaurant host.

Is he married?


Fred is not married although he does have a long-term girlfriend.

The pair went public in January 2018 and have shared countless photos together on social media. That said, Fred’s significant other is only lovingly referred to as ‘Fruitcake’, with her real name unknown to the public.

Still, it’s a pretty cute nickname!

Does Fred have kids?


Fred has two children with his former partner, Alex.

His kids are  13-year-old Andrea and eight-year-old Lucien, both of which live in London with their mother.

Nevertheless, Fred lives locally and is always supporting his daughter’s diving exploits on Instagram.




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