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Meet Sarah from Netflix series Dating Around - from her real job to Instagram profile

Viewers are fixated on new Netflix reality series Dating Around.

With a breezy tone and eclectic assortment of individuals, the brand new series has been an instant hit.

One of the most popular stars on the show is Sarah, who featured in episode 5. Here is everything you need to know about her!

Dating Around: Sarah’s Full Name

After some scouring on social media sites, we know that Sarah’s full name is Sarah Haddon.

You can help her reach 1,000 followers on Instagram by following her at @sharah_haddon, and you see her newly-started Twitter account at @KittyLitterPaws.

Sarah’s Background and Interests

Sarah, 25, grew up in Charlotte, the largest city in the state of North Carolina.

She recently moved to New York City to help bring out her creative spirit.

We know from the show that Saz has a love of puns and dad-jokes, though unfortunately, we’re still waiting for that nine-minute joke on Greek mythology.

Sarah is also a fan of swing dancing (the flapper haircut gives that away), trivia competitions, and she writes historical erotica in her spare time.

Dating Around Sarah: Job

If Sarah’s LinkedIn profile is anything to go by, then she’s certainly led an exciting and varied life.

We know from Dating Around that she currently works as an analytics recruiter, building on a Biomedical and Pre-Medical Life Sciences degree from Appalachian State University.

Sarah has also worked in customer service, emergency caring, and has plied her trade as a maths and science tutor. The variation doesn’t stop there, with an 11-month stint as a flight attendant.

With this range of talents, no wonder she was popular on the show!

Dating Around: Season Two

After the success of the first season of Dating Around, we anticipate that a sophomore season is on the cards.

With the format of the show, we don’t expect Sarah to return, but you never know!



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