With each leisurely episode of Antiques Road Trip comes a different antique expert.

Spewing passion and knowledge about the most minute details from small flecks of paint to large vase shapes, it’s the colourful characters who present the show that really brings it to life.

One expert who fans have been adored for over 20 years now is Antiques Road Trip expert Steven Moore.

Here’s everything you need to know about the tremendous tipster, who you’ll often spot partnering Angus Ashworth on the show. What a duo!


Who is Steven Moore?

Steven Moore is one of the longest-serving members of the BBC’s antique team having made his first appearance in a 1997 episode of Antiques Roadshow.

Steven studied to be an archaeologist before moving into antique dealing and writing.

By trade, Steven is the Creative Director at Burleigh Pottery and is also a freelance art and antiques consultant. The Burleigh Pottery shop can be found in Stoke-on-Trent while their online shop boasts a beautiful range of traditional-shaped and high-quality earthenware products from teapots to mugs, plates and bowls.

Check out the range and purchase from the store here.

According to his LinkedIn, Steven is also a consultant editor at Miller Publications and mentor at Antique Young Guns.

How did Steve get into antiques?

According to the BBC, Steven’s passion for collecting started as a child. By the time he was 16 years old, he curated his first-ever exhibition at Newcastle’s Laing Art Gallery and even went on to write a book by age 21.

Steve told the BBC:

My father taught ceramics so I grew up with clay as a toy. The transformation of earth into an object of permanence has always fascinated me: I used to dig bottles from old tips and even skived off cross country at school to do this – bottles led to local pottery.

Meet Steve on Twitter and Instagram!

Steve is down with the latest trends and is the proud owner of two social media accounts. His Twitter can be found under @MrStevenMoore and the same handle for Instagram.

On Instagram, Steve boasts a catalogue of stunning pictures from interior design to art, antiques and even fashion in every corner of the globe.

This man has an eye for style and his LinkedIn bio reads: “Fluent in luxury and heritage brands.”


Steve’s most memorable Antique Roadshow finds

Steven counts a self-portrait sculpture by Danish artist Jais Nielsen as one of his favourite finds, which was discovered at Coventry Cathedral in 2007.

One of his most memorable Roadshow moments was at the Norwich Cathedral in 2005 when he was presented with a bottle of Scotch whisky containing a dead mouse.



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