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Meet the cast of Eggheads 2019 - are there new quizzers in series 21?

Hosted by Jeremy Vine, long-running quiz show Eggheads is finally coming back to the BBC for a brand new series.

The 21st season of the show will begin on Tuesday 7th May 2019.

So, want to find out who the quizzers are? Check out the cast of Eggheads 2019 below…

Screenshot: BBC Eggheads

Who are the 2019 Eggheads?

The Eggheads team is comprised of nine of the most successful quiz competitors in the UK.

Each week, five of the nine work alongside one another to battle it out against a team of quiz show amateurs.

The Egghead team for series 21 of the show is set to be made up of the following members…

Kevin Ashman

Longtime panellist Kevin will likely be back for the brand new series, having started on the show 16 years ago in 2003.

Kevin is as arguably the most impressive member of the cast, being ranked the number one quizzer in the world in 2009 and winning both Mastermind and Brain of Britain with the highest-ever scores.

Chris Hughes

Former railway worker Chris is also likely to return to the Eggheads panel for the show’s series 21.

The 71-year-old has won both UK Mastermind and International Mastermind, as well as Brain of Britain, so he can certainly give the contestants a run for their money.

Screenshot BBC Iplayer: Eggheads

Lisa Theil

Oxford graduate Lisa joined the team in 2014 after appearing on the show’s spin-off Revenge of the Egghead.

As a former Weakest Link and The Chase contestant, Lisa will likely return for the show’s new series.

Steve Cooke

Steve joined Eggheads in 2016 after winning the spin-off series Make Me An Egghead.

In 2014 he won the Brain of Mensa contest and this year will return to join his fellow Eggheads in series 21.

Beth Webster

Beth also joined the show is 2016 after winning the show’s sister series Make Me An Egghead.

Beth, who has appeared on more episodes of Mastermind than any other female contestant will return to the series in 2019.

Screenshot: BBC Eggheads

Barry Simmonds

Barry first joined the panel in 2008 after winning the series Are You An Egghead?

It seems likely that the quizzer will return for the 2019 series, having won the Brain of Britain in 2012 and becoming number 3 quizzer in the world in 2013.

David Rainford

‘Tremendous Knowledge Dave’ first joined the show in 2012 replacing quizzer CJ de Mooi.

It looks like Mancunian David will be returning to the show for the 21st series, having made a name for himself when he won £250,000 on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in 2005.

Judith Keppel

Seventy-six-year-old Judith Keppel is also set to return for the programme’s 21st series, having been a cast member since the show began.

Judith first rose to fame after becoming the first person to win £1 million Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in November 2000.

Screenshot BBC Iplayer: Eggheads

Pat Gibson

Pat is a serious quizzer, having won £1 million on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in 2004.

As another former Mastermind and Brain of Britain winner, it seems likely that he will return to the show for the new series, having joined the panel in 2009 after winning the second series of Are You an Egghead?


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