Channel 5 will launch a brand new series on Thursday, February 28th.

Who Needs a Man When You Have a Spray Tan sets out to celebrate single mums in Liverpool, with a selection of mums at the centre of the cast.

However, it’s safe to say that initial trailers and a tongue-in-cheek show title have been met with mixed reviews. Here’s everything you need to know about Who Needs a Man and its cast.

Single Mum Nicole and her friend Danielle in the park. Liverpool.
Single Mum Nicole and her friend Danielle in the park. Liverpool.

What is Who Needs a Man About?

The C5 series focuses on a selection of single mums from Knowsley, in Liverpool.

It follows their everyday lives and chores from preparing party bags for their children’s birthdays to heading out for botox and attending charity events.

Following the teaser trailers, some Liverpool residents took to Twitter to voice their displeasure over the show, complaining that it harboured certain stereotypes.

However, a Channel 5 spokesperson hit back saying that the series followed “strong women” and highlighted how the women “juggled everything that could be thrown at them in life, from multiple jobs to raising a family”.

Who Needs a Man Cast – Stephanie

One of the multiple single mums on the show is Stephanie Hamlet.

Steph gave up her career ambitions as a singer when she gave birth to her first child aged 18.

Now 32, the single mum still sings at local events for local extra cash although she is a hairdresser by trade.

You can follow her on Instagram under @stephaniehamlet_.

Who Needs a Man Cast – Danielle

Danielle Allan is a 33-year-old part-time beautician with three boys – Marcus, 12, Ruben, 7, and Issac, 3.

She’s a keen vlogger and has a YouTube channel here.

Dani also regularly vlogs on Facebook, where she recently spoke out about the Liverpool Echo’s coverage of the Who Needs a Man TV series.

On Instagram, her vlogging has helped her to over 30,000 followers, with a bio that reads: “Queen of vlogs. No filter. Zero f*cks. Keep it real. Mummy of 3 boys.”

You can follow her under @danielle-allan-scouse-vlogger while she even created a channel for her three-year-old son under @baby_isaac_allan.

Single Mum Danielle and her 3 boys on the sofa at home. Liverpool
Single Mum Danielle and her 3 boys on the sofa at home. Liverpool

Who Needs a Man Cast – Jo, Natalee and Nicole

The rest of the cast includes Natalee, working mum Jo and 25-year-old single mum Nicole.

Natalee has her hands more than full as a mother of six – Alicia, 15, Madeleine, 13, Gianna, 10, Paddy, 3, Riley, 8, Mackenzie nine-months, with the kids coming from three different dads.

Nats said on the show: “I do claim benefits so money is tight and my life is chaos but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Who Needs a Man – How Many Episodes?

The series will be split into three parts.

It will continue to air on Channel 5 every Thursday night until March 14th.


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