Meet the Christmas Cookie Challenge cast 2021, Abby, Salma and co

Meet the Christmas Cookie Challenge cast 2021, Abby, Salma and co

It’s time to officially start getting festive as Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge is here in 2021. The show has been airing since 2017 and sees Ree Drummond and Eddie Jackson as the show’s host and judge.

Eddie and Ree are ready to host and judge brand new series in 2021 as each episode brings with it five cookie-making experts who are set to compete. Here’s more on the Christmas Cookie Challenge cast 2021 – Salma, Abby and co!

This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us | Tesco

This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us | Tesco

Christmas Cookie Challenge is back in 2021

Host Eddie Jackson and culinary expert Ree Drummond are Christmas Cookie Challenge’s dynamic duo. Bringing us all-things Christmas, the show kicked off its fifth season from November 11th, 2021.

The first episode of the season featured former Christmas Cookie Challenge champions who all went head to head for the title of “Best of the Best” for winning a second time around.

Each episode features five different bakers who are specifically talented in cookie creation. The contestants compete in two challenges each episode for the chance to win $10,000 dollars.

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Meet the Christmas Cookie Challenge cast 2021

It’s likely that the Christmas Cookie Challenge cast members are switched up each episode in 2021. The contest features the following cookie makers:

  • Abby Tucker, 25
  • Salma Tariq
  • Karen Valentin
  • Crystal Walker
  • Alessandro Caria, 37
  • Ashlee Christman Shirer
  • Lucie Radcliffe
  • Josh Juarez
  • Taishi Ligon
  • Priscilla and Angela
  • Justine Banks
  • Megan Nunez

Are any of the contestants on Instagram?

Yes! Many of the Christmas Cookie Challenge contestants are on Instagram with lots of them using the platform to showcase their artistic talents. From birthday cookies to baby shower bakes and all the events in between, these guys have got a cookie for every occasion!

Most of the cookie creators have Instagram pages that link to their businesses rather than a personal account. However, some of the contestants link from their personal to business accounts in their IG bios such as @meganunez. (@soulfulconfection).

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