Meet The Circle's Katie Roe on Instagram - mum, 43, pretending to be her son!
Katie as Jay on The Circle

Meet The Circle's Katie Roe on Instagram - mum, 43, pretending to be her son!

The initial eight contestants on The Circle season 2 have been announced, featuring two Catfish game-players attempting to replicate the success of last year’s winner Alex Hobern.

Alex claimed the first-ever Circle crown in October 2018 when he deceptively and tactically charmed his way to victory by pretending to be Kate, his girlfriend in real life.

But if you thought that a man pretending to be his girlfriend to trick people into liking him and claim a £100,000 cash prize was odd then wait until you hear about Katie’s game plan.

Here’s everything you need to know about 43-year-old Katie Roe and her character on the Channel 4 series, son ‘Jay’.

Katie as Jay on The Circle

Who is Katie Roe?

Katie is a 43-year-old salon owner from Hampshire.

According to her LinkedIn, Katie owns the Sun Love Fleet tanning and beauty salon in Fleet and has run the business for 14 years.

She also appeared on Channel 4 reality TV series Date My Mum in 2015, with sons Jay, 25, Harry, 19, and Rocky, nine, signing her up for the show via

However, Katie is now married, after she met someone special over the last few years, and isn’t participating on The Circle to make new friends. She said:

To be honest I have enough friends and I’m not here to make new ones. Normally I’m an honest loyal person but this is a game and I’m in it to win it.

Meet Katie on Instagram

The stunning mum of three is on Instagram under @katieroecarr.

Alongside pics of Katie’s children and step-children, you’ll also spot her hubby, with the pair enjoying their anniversary just a couple of weeks before The Circle started.

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She’s playing son Jay on The Circle season 2!

Out of all eight initial players on The Circle, Katie is certainly playing the most elaborate and perhaps risky game.

She will front as 25-year-old son Jay, using his pictures as a physical cover and tapping into her knowledge of everything from her son’s birthday to his favourite food to keep doubters at bay.

Little is known about Jay other than the fact that he would have definitely given permission for his mum to use his photos on a national TV show – people always question this!

Katie said:

Jay has chosen the photos he’s comfortable with. In every single photo he’s got a hat on.

In a hilarious tongue-in-cheek interview with C4, Katie also explained that she would be up for flirting with other women on the show while fronting as Jay.

She added that her son is “useless” when it comes to securing a girlfriend and that she is open to seeking out a potential future daughter-in-law on the show.

Speaking of her strategy on the game Katie said:

To be the cool kid and to be funny. I’m putting my personality into Jay’s profile. So the lads are going to love me and obviously I’m a girl chatting to girls so I think I’ve got the upper hand of knowing what girls want to hear.




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