Meet the Drug Lords? Meet the girl whose story was too traumatic to make the cut!

Meet the Drug: Inside the Real Narcos has been blunt and hard-hitting.

The Channel 4 documentary is a three-part series investigating the world of drug smuggling across South and Latin America.

Focusing on cocaine trafficking from Colombia, Peru and Mexico to the rest of the world, each 60-minute episode has explored a world beyond belief.

A world where drug cartels chop up journalists and leave them in the street. A world where police and government have little to no authority.

Who would be crazy enough be the face of Meet the Drug Lords: The Real Narcos?

Meet Jason Fox

Jason is a hardened military veteran with over 20 years of experience in the Royal Marines.

He co-presented Channel 4 series SAS: He Who Dares Wins alongside Ant Middleton. However, he goes solo in Meet the Drug Lords: Inside the Real Narcos.

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To be fair, Jason’s cameraman has some pretty large cojones, but it’s Jason who directly confronts drug lords, gangstas, hitmen and a former assassin of Pablo Escobar.

Worst thing is, Jason says the most dangerous parts weren’t even shown!

Screen Shot: Meet the Drug Lords: Inside the Real Narcos, Channel 4

C4 Meet the Drug Lords: the Real Narcos E1

Meet the Drug Lords: Inside the Real Narcos E1

Meet the Drug Lords – Behind the Scenes!

In an interview with, Jason explained that the most traumatic scene was cut out.

Reciting an experience he could only describe as “grim”, the story of an Australian girl who was caught with drugs never made the final cut.

Fox said: There was a story in Peru where we met an Australian girl who had just been released from prison because she had been caught 10 years prior with 18kg of cocaine at Lemur airport.

I interviewed her driving round Lemur, really sad story, she’s now 33. [She was in] an all-female prison… I think she said the first three years she slept on a step until she earned some respect and got a bed.”

Although the Australian girl didn’t make the final cut, other key stories featured Wolfboy.

Wolfboy featured in episode one, as Jason explored Mexico. He first killed when he was 13-years-old and is now in a Texan prison.



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