Meet the families on How The Other Kids Live episode 1

New Channel 4 series How The Other Kids Live is set to be the winter warmer that we all need.

A heart-warming, touching and blissfully innocent series, this new C4 experiment features children from a range of backgrounds as they swap homes for playdates.

Like a hybrid of Secret Life of 4 Year Olds and Come Dine With Me, the programme is a must-watch that will continue to air every Tuesday night on Channel 4.

Each episode will feature three different families, so here’s everything you need to know about the cast of How The Other Kids Live episode 1.

Hafsat (mum), Yasmin / Sian (mum), Billy and Tom / Ann (mum), Brendan

Family 1 – Hasfat, Yasmin

Seven-year-old Yasmin lives with parents Hafsat and Kazhim.

Hasfat is a stay-at-home mum while husband Kazhim works as a care worker. The family moved to Nigeria ten years ago, where they had Yasmin.

Their house is very different from some of the other houses that Yasmin visits during her playdates. Sian, Billy and Tom’s family live in a large five bedroom building while Yasmin shares her bedroom with two younger brothers.

Yasmin, Hafsat

Family 2 – Sian, Billy, Tom

Sian’s family is considered the well off family on the show, with a three storey five bedroom home.

Yasmin can’t help but label the house as “humungous” as she bounces around the building on their playdate.

Sian has nine-year-old twins, Tom and Billy, who are both privately educated.

Both Sian and her partner are lawyers and wanted to take part in the show to help bring the best out of Tom, who has Down’s Syndrome and is often left out when it comes to playdates.

Sian says on the show:

It’s is a little bit upsetting – when he (Tom) sees his brother going off he says ‘can I go too?’.

Sian, Billy and Tom

Family 3 – Ann and Brendan

Ann is a single mother and lives with nine-year-old son Brendan, who features on the show, and her three other children.

Ann has raised nine-year-old Brendan as a strict Catholic, and he attends church every Sunday without fail.


It’s Brendan’s interaction with new pal Yasmin that will melt your heart, as they experience one-others different religious beliefs first-hand.

Speaking on the Channel 4 series, Ann said:

Brendan does mix with different kids in afterschool clubs but at school, most kids come from the same background. So when I heard about the programme I put Brendan forward as I thought it would be nice for him to know about other cultures and backgrounds because otherwise, you can grow up a bit narrow-minded.

Ann, Brendan

How The Other Kids Live: Episode Guide

The Channel 4 programme is a series and not a one-off show.

Currently, it is scheduled to continue on Channel 4, at 8 pm, for the next two weeks at least.



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