Kandi Burruss rose to fame in the early nineties as a member of R n B group Xscape. Since then, she’s gone on to have her own solo career, releasing songs such as Don’t Think I’m Not and writing hits for other people including TLC’s No Scrubs.

Nowadays, Kandi is a businesswoman as well as a long-standing cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The singer has a brand new Bravo show in 2022 called Kandi & The Gang which kicked off on March 6th at 9/8C.

Kandi and The Gang explored

Kandi’s new Bravo show features her restaurant, Old Lady Gang, and her family, staff and friends who work there.

During the first look trailer for the show, Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker, can be seen saying: “Between your family and some of that staff, those people crazy in there.”

The series airs on Sundays at 9/8C and is likely to be packed with drama, so let’s find out more about the show’s cast and get to know them on Instagram…

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Kandi and The Gang cast: Safari Foxe

Safari Foxe is one of the Kandi and The Gang members but she’s not a worker at OLG.

In a ‘get to know’ her clip from Kandi’s Instagram page, Safari says that she’s adventurous and loves to travel.

While she isn’t a staff member, Safari said that she eats the food there and is a regular face at the restaurant. She also said that she often flirts with the parking attendant.

She has around 80K followers on Instagram @safarifoxe.

Phillip Frempong

Phillip Frempong is one of the cast members on Kandi and The Gang.

He’s Director of Operations at OLG.

He can be found on Instagram @iam_phillipkwasi with over 10K followers.

Brian Redmond

Brian Redmond is one of the staff members at Old Lady Gang, he works as a server.

Follow Brian on IG where he has around 4.4K followers @thabrianshow.

DonJuan Clark

For any RHOA fans, DonJuan Clark needs no introduction, but for anyone new to the show, he’s been Kandi’s business partner and friend for many years.

Get to know DonJuan via his Instagram page @donjuannc where he has almost 160K followers.

Kandi and The Gang cast: Brandon Black

Brandon Black is a manager at OLG and judging by the show’s trailer, the staff come with a lot of drama, so Brandon may have a lot on his plate during the series.

Find Brandon on Instagram @planblack.

He currently has around 7K followers on IG, but following his reality TV debut, Brandon’s following is likely to skyrocket, along with the rest of the casts’.

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Shawndreca Robinson

Follow Shawndreca Robinson @shawndreca_716 on Instagram where she has over 53K followers.

She’s a host at Old Lady Gang and according to her fellow cast member, Safari, she’s “uptight”, so perhaps viewers can expect some drama between the ladies.

Kandi and The Gang cast: Todd Tucker

Kandi’s husband, Todd, can be found on Instagram @todd167 with 1.3M followers.

Four years ago, Kandi and Todd launched their family restaurant, but nowadays, Todd’s saying that the eatery is “disfunctional“.

Mama Joyce, Aunt Bertha and Aunt Nora

Of course, OLG wouldn’t exist without Kandi’s mother and aunties.

Mama Joyce, Aunt Bertha and Aunt Nora are all cast members on Kandi’s new show.

Follow the ladies via the following IG handles: @auntnoraolg, @mamajoyce1_, @therealauntbertha.

Chef Melvin Jones

Arguably the most important person at the restaurant is chef Melvin Jones. Without him, OLG wouldn’t run.

Find chef Melvin on Instagram @chef_melvinj.

Torin Mitchell

OLG’s Torin wears many hats, judging by his IG page. He’s an event planner, an interior decorator, a dinner party enthusiast and a restauranteur.

Follow him on Instagram @torin.mitchell.

Kandi and The Gang cast: Patrick Dallas

Manager and OLG parking attendant, Patrick looks to be landing himself in it with some of the women at OLG.

He says his best friend at the restaurant is Chef Melvin.

Patrick describes himself as “fly“, smart” and “athletic“. Find him on Instagram @kprealty.atl.

Dom’Unique Variety

Dom’Unique Variety is a bartender at Old Lady Gang.

Looking at her IG page, she’s also in the performing arts field and she has over 17K followers.

She hails from Miami, Florida. Find her on IG @dvariety__.

Rashard Roles

Rashard Roles is a host at Kandi and Todd’s other restaurant, Blaze. He’s also now lending a hand at Old Lady Gang.

Find Rashard on Instagram @shardo where he has around 14K followers.



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