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love during lockup couples

Meet the Love During Lockup couples, Gabby, Max, Tai and co

Fans of Love After Love After Lockup can get excited as there’s a new spin-off show arriving on WeTV in 2022. We’ve seen couples who get together after they’ve served time but this show focuses on people who are dating while their partner is still incarcerated.

Some are happy because they’re “not getting played” for the first time, others have decided their pen pals are the “love of their lives” and other cast members on the WeTV show are being accused of being catfish. So, let’s find out more about the Love During Lockup couples…

Queer Eye | Season 6 Official Trailer | Netflix

Queer Eye | Season 6 Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet Indie and Harry

Maryland gal Indie is 29 years old and she’s madly in love with inmate Harry.

Indie is a former hookah girl and makeup artist.

She found Harry on TikTok and they’ve communicated via video chat, emails, phone calls and letters.

Indie said that one of the best things about having a love locked up is that “they can’t cheat on you“.

Love During Lockup: Max and Tara

Twenty-four-year-old Max hails from Washington DC.

He has a Masters degree in Biochemistry and he’s also into social media, modelling and OnlyFans.

The biggest challenge he’s found so far with dating an inmate is the time it takes for them to sometimes reply to messages. He said: “If Tara and I were to get into a fight… I’d have to wait for her to call me...”

Love During Lockup: Gabby and Chris

Heading over to New Jersey, cocktail waitress Gabby is waiting for her love, Christopher, to get out of prison.

She’s 26 years old and he’s 31. Chris is serving a five-year sentence for Criminal Weapon Possession and Controlled Substance Possession.

Gabby said that she was a spoiled child and that she likes expensive things. The couple are engaged and with $5k that Chris sent her, Gabby bought herself an engagement ring.

Love During Lockup: Meet Haley and Dalton

Single mom Haley is hoping that Dalton will change his ways when he comes out of prison and she revealed during a first look trailer that she’s spent $25k so far on him, $12.5k was spent on an attorney.

The 26-year-old said during the show’s trailer: “I know that Dalton is my soulmate and we are going to work out.

Dalton, 25, could also be seen saying that Haley was his soulmate, too.

Meet Tai and Hottie

Tai and Hottie are also a couple appearing on Love During Lockup.

“Over-Thirty-year-old” Tai is a mother of three who works as a mortician.

She’s dating Hottie, who is currently serving time in prison, as well as some more inmates located across the USA.

Tai said that she sends her boyfriends money and also communicates with them via post, e-mail, text message and virtual visits due to COVID-19. She’s comfortable dating people in prison as it means she still gets time to work on herself.

Who are Santiba and Talsey

Last but not least, billing analyst Santiba has also found love during lockup.

She said that something that drew her to dating an inmate is that they can’t cheat.

Santiba comes from South Portland, Maine, where she lives a quiet life. But, judging by the show’s trailer, she’s been sending money to Talsey and has also been making the most of having an intimate relationship via messenger and email with her boyfriend.



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