Buckle up, as Channel 4’s hot new series is about to hit your screens!

Naked Beach will kick off on Thursday, April 11th and will air every Thursday at 8 pm on Channel 4.

The show seeks to inspire body positivity and confidence, all the while the cast partake in games and activities.

But who is presenting the show? Here’s everything you need to know about dashing Dr Keon West and the wonderful Natasha Devon… including her skirmish with the Department of Education!

Group picture of the Hosts.

Who is Dr Keon West?

Dr Keon will be one of the co-presenters of Naked Beach.

The idea of the show came to form after Dr Keon West published research claiming people’s body image, self-esteem and happiness could be greatly improved by seeing more nakedness.

He is currently a lecturer in Social Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London, so he clearly will be fantastic at analysing the group’s progress.

Check out Dr Keon’s simple breakdown of why nakedness increases confidence below!

Who is Natasha Devon?

Natasha Devon MBE will join Dr Keon in co-presenting the show.

She works full time as a mental health campaigner and advocate.

Natasha also helped found Body Gossip, an organisation that works on improving body image issues and campaigns through Arts, Education and protest.

But what got Natasha in a sticky situation with the government? Read on to find out…

Natasha Devon attends Debrett’s ‘500 party’ in London (2016). Debrett’s 500 recognises the most influential people in Britain.

Natasha vs. the Government

Natasha was appointed the government’s ‘school’s mental health champion’ in August 2015.

But she was quickly axed from that position after she repeatedly criticised the Department of Education and claimed the government’s education policies were exacerbating poor mental health in students.

A series of leaked emails between government ministers confirmed they were trying to get rid of Natasha because she was too openly critical.

The Guardian posted some excerpts of these emails:

Every day is another day she could be saying something damaging – and if that happens we will kick ourselves for not acting sooner.

Another says: “I think we now need to take ND down a peg or two.”

Natasha’s response

Quick to reclaim her honorary title of mental health champion – despite the Government’s attempt to take it away – Natasha took to Twitter.

Both outspoken and honest, you definitely can’t silence Natasha!

However, she has had lots of support with comments on her Tweets including “keep fighting the fight”.


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