Meet Tom Maude from The Cabins on IG: Gym selfies to job of the ITV star!

Meet Tom Maude from The Cabins on IG: Gym selfies to job of the ITV star!

Tom Maude is one of The Cabins singletons ready to find love in 2021!

Brand new ITV show The Cabins is officially a-go! And there are a load of hot singles looking to find “the one”. It really is a dating show with a difference as date one leads to the couples having to live together.

The Cabins is supposedly 2021’s answer to Love Island. And after the year that 2020 was, reality TV fans are surely going to welcome a dating show with open arms.

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The Cabins: Who is Tom Maude?

Tom is The Cabins’ resident gym bunny. Speaking to ITV, Tom said that he’s had four or five relationships, one of which got so serious they bought a house together, but he wasn’t ready to settle down.

He thinks he’s single because he always rushed into his next relationship but lockdown gave Tom the opportunity to have some time to himself!

Speaking of his “hidden talents”, Tom said that he can snowboard pretty well and can fly a plane. We’re not entirely sure how much that’ll help on The Cabins, but kudos to Tom!

Is Tom on Instagram?

Yes, The Cabins’ Tom is on Instagram. The 26-year-old can be found under the handle @tmaude94.

He writes in his IG bio that he’s from Leeds, is a property investor, stands at 6 foot 4 and is a fitness enthusiast!

Tom has around 1,500 IG followers and clearly loves a good gym, mirror or bed selfie!

Tom’s fitness journey

During The Cabins episode 1, Tom described himself as a “good-looking guy with a fat person’s personality”.

Tom’s current Instagram account dates back as far as September 2020, so there’s not much of a documentation of his fitness journey. However, he did mention during episode 1 that he wasn’t always the fitness hunk we see today.

The 26-year-old, who works as a national business development manager, looks to base his IG account mainly around his physique and gym efforts. However, speaking to ITV, Tom said that he’s not into online dating and hasn’t ever “slid into anyone’s DM’s“!



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