Let’s get to know Jenna Ronan from Unexpected season 4, where is she from? And who are her parents? See where the TLC star is in 2021, as well as her boyfriend Aden and baby boy.

TLC show Unexpected follows the stories of young expectant mothers and their families. From when they found out they were pregnant to giving birth, the show gives a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ style look at the obstacles, highs and lows of becoming a young family.

jenna unexpected where is she from
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Meet Jenna from TLC’s Unexpected

Jenna Ronan and Aden Albright are expectant parents on TLC’s Unexpected.

At 16, Jenna found out that she was pregnant. Her boyfriend, Aden, was 17.

Aden thought it was “kind of fun to take the risk of not using protection”. He also told Jenna that men ovulate in the same way that women do and later admitted that he lied.

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Where is Jenna from?

  • Pennsylvania

Jenna’s parents, Matt and Cathy Ronan, feature on the TLC show. According to Cathy’s Facebook page, she and Jenna’s dad got married in 2019.

Together the family lives in Pennsylvania. By the looks of Matt’s Facebook page, the Ronan family will be expanding further as their dog is having puppies. He wrote on March 27th: “Jenna, your puppy is on the way“.

Jenna’s pregnancy was obviously a surprise to the whole family, but her father looks to have ensured that she was emotionally and financially looked after. The 16-year-old dropped out of her Catholic private school a month after she found out the news but her dad was always keen to lift her spirits. He bought her a car for her 17th birthday and said that he did “feel sorry” for her having to deal with pregnancy at 16 or 17 years old.

Meet Jenna on Instagram

Unexpected’s Jenna can be found on Instagram @jronan101 with over 41k followers.

Jenna often takes to IG to share adorable photos of her son, Luca. She and Aden are still together and the couple often uploads family photos together.

She also has a YouTube channel with around 2k subscribers. She uploaded her first video in 2021 entitled “Teen parents move out!‘ which got 13k views. The couple now live in their own house with baby Luca.

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