Meet Vinny, Singapore Social's straight-talker looking to break boundaries!

Netflix is bringing out hit after hit in 2019 and November 22nd brings us another smashing series in the form of Singapore Social.

The eight-episode series takes a look at a group of young Singaporeans breaking down generational expectations and boundaries by simply being themselves.

Vinny Sharp is ambitious, outgoing, unafraid to be himself. The young filmmaker is introduced to viewers during episode one of Singapore Social.

Let’s get to know Vinny from Singapore Social a little more…

Screenshot: Singapore Social Vinny – Netflix

Singapore Social: Meet Vinny Sharp

Vinesh Nagrani, or Vinny Sharp as he’s known, is one of the two main men in Netflix’s Singapore Social. He is a filmmaker who takes a look at themes which are stigmatised in Singaporean culture. Vinny has a YouTube channel and Vimeo account where he shares his work.

He studied Economics in Manchester and graduated with a degree according to Singapore Tatler.

First Look: New Season of Sister Wives!

Singapore Social sees Vinny’s complicated with Cristina play out. His fellow castmates question what exactly his relationship is with Cristina as the pair imply they’re soul mates but aren’t in an exclusive relationship with one another. Vinny’s boo and work partner is on Insta as @purdesia.

Is Vinny on Instagram?

Yes, the Singapore Social star is on Insta as @vinnysharp with around 3,000 followers.

He writes in his Insta bio that he was born and raised in Singapore. Vinny’s refreshing take on being a young Singaporean came up in the very first episode of the show while he chatted with his co-stars Mae Tan and Nicole Ong.

Vinny also adds that he’s: “Refashioning unconventional wisdom” and a “Filmmaker of all worlds.”

What happened to Dr Sherina Anil Nagrani?

In a tragic turn, episode 1 of Singapore Social ended with a tribute to Vinny’s late mother, Dr Sherina Anil Nagrani.

Vinny’s mum was a holistic doctor who passed away at the age of 48. Her online obituary reads: “She was the epitome of beauty; inside and out, a selfless soul who touched and healed many hearts.”



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