Get to know Megan Batoon - World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals guide on Instagram!

From butterfly houses to igloos, natural caves to treehouses on alpaca farms, there is no end of incredible locations to stay all over the world.

Three experts in the field – Megan Batoon, Luis D Ortiz and Joanna Franco are on-hand on Netflix’s World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals to show viewers what’s out there now that the world is beginning to open back up again!

While Luis is covering all-things luxury, Jo has her eyes peeled for unique vacation rentals and Megan is on the hunt for the best budget-friendly travel options.

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Who is Megan Batoon?

Megan Batoon is a YouTuber and DIY designer. She was born in Florida on March 29th, 1991, making her 30 years old.

She has over 1m subscribers on her YouTube channel and covers all kinds of topics from home makeovers to ‘get ready with me’ videos. She started the channel in 2012 and she also has a podcast called ‘Just a tip‘.

Megan is a relative newbie when it comes to travel, she’s the World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals guide to budget-friendly travel.

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Megan Batoon’s ethnicity explored

In regard to Megan’s ethnicity, she’s half Filipino, Irish and Polish. She took to Twitter in 2012 to share with a follower: “ah thank you! I’m half Filipino, Irish, polish, and a hint of insane…’

Megan grew up in the USA, in Jacksonville, Florida.

As per Business Insider, she left Florida for LA to have a career as a professional dancer, however, her work life took a different turn after she posted her first YouTube video.

Is Megs on Instagram?

Yes, Megan is on Instagram @meganbatoon, she currently has 666k followers.

Megan regularly takes to the ‘gram – after all, social media influencing is her thing! She posts all kinds of content from cat appreciation posts to travel photos and much more.

She has a boyfriend in 2021 but it doesn’t look like she posts much to do with her love life on IG. Megan took to YouTube to share her anxieties over meeting her boyfriend’s mum in May 2021!

Megan is also on TikTok @thatsmeganbatoon with over 56k followers.



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