Meet Melinda Berry from Too Hot To Handle season 2: Age, Instagram and job!

Netflix producers really got creative when it came to the concept of Too Hot To Handle – a dating show where the contestants aren’t allowed to get it on with each other all in a bid to win the most prize money possible? Those partaking have to deal with daily temptation, rivalry, people breaking the rules and probably breaking some hearts, too. So, it’s not one for the fainthearted.

The Too Hot To Handle version of Amazon’s Alexa is back for a second season, too. Four episodes of the ‘Big Brother meets Love Island’ type-show drop onto Netflix on Wednesday, June 23rd – so it’s time to buckle up!

Too Hot To Handle: Who is Melinda?

Melinda Melrose is 28 years old.

She hails from Brooklyn, New York and describes herself as a “firecracker”, “the life of the party” and, just like a lion and its prey, is on the hunt for a man!

Melinda is “the queen of sass” and wants to find a man that can keep up with her.

She’s one of 16 children, but Melinda certainly isn’t a shy retiring wallflower!

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Melinda’s job explored

Melinda works as a model, so it’s likely that she’s very much used to getting compliments.

She’s a fashion model specifically, and judging by her THTH introduction video, there’s little that can really intimidate her.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Still to Come Trailer | Bravo

Melinda has a YouTube channel where she uploads makeup tutorials. She’s 5 ft 5 and writes in her IG bio: “built a runway I’m not too short for“.

Meet Melinda on Instagram

#nofilterneeded Melinda can be found on Instagram @melinda_melrose with around 44k followers.

She’s also on TikTok under the same handle with a whopping 235k followers and 3.6m likes. Melinda often posts TikTok challenges to her feed such as the #pepsiapplepiechallenge.

Melinda’s fans and followers can see a tonne of modelling pics on her social media accounts. She’s often posing around New York City or jet-setting around the world for work!

Looking at her Instagram profile, she’s been to Mexico, Barcelona, Puerto Rico, Maui and many more luxurious locations.



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