Michael Hobbs in Elf: What does Buddy's little brother look like now?

Michael Hobbs in Elf: What does Buddy's little brother look like now?

Elf (2003) features Buddy and his little brother, Michael Hobbs.

Although Michael is embarrassed by his gangly Elf brother and his ridiculous green outfit at first, the pair end up getting into enough sibling trouble to call themselves bezzie B’s.

They wreck the house putting up a ginormous Christmas tree, have a burping competition and get into a snowball fight.

But what does little Michael Hobbs look like now? And what is he up to these days in 2019?

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Elf on ITV
Pictured: Deb [Amy Sedaris], Walter [James Caan], Buddy [Will Ferrell].

Michael Hobbs: Meet the actor

The actor who played Micahel in 2003-hit Elf was Daniel Tay.

Daniel was 12 years old at the time of filming, the same age as his character. Since filming the Christmas classic, Daniel has only two IMDB movie credits to his name and a handful of voiceover roles.

Now 28 years old, the only other films that he went on to appear in were Beer League (6/10) and Brooklyn Rules (6.4/10).

Moving on from Elf

Daniel stepped away from the Hollywood spotlight and is now a teacher having completed a BA degree in Economics at Yale University – the big smarty pants!

He looks completely different, too!

Someone clearly hasn’t stuck to the four main food groups of an Elf – candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup!


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Is Elf on TV for Christmas 2019?

Yes, it should be!

Last year, Elf was screened on ITV as early as December 16th.

We expect the Will Ferell classic to return to ITV and ITV2 at a similar date, while it usually airs on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/Boxing Day.

To stream Elf online, head over to  Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. Unfortunately, the 2003 flick is not on Netflix or the Sky Cinema Christmas Collection.

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