Michael’s weight loss journey features on TLC’s My 600-lb Life tonight (Wednesday, February 24th). So, where is he now?

During each episode, the series focuses on the reality of someone trying to lose weight – namely carrying at least 600 pounds on them.

Michael, with the help of his wife Kimberly, allowed cameras to follow his journey to meet Dr. Now, all in a bid to improve his life.

So, where is Michael from My 600-lb Life now? Let’s get the latest updates on whether he got surgery, and what the TLC star is up to.

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Who is Michael?

Michael, who is a husband to Kimberly, didn’t leave the house for 15 years.

He has agoraphobia, which means he is afraid of going outdoors, following a lifetime of abuse and ridicule.

Although he can drive, he fears being seen in public places, such as shops.

The TLC star is now on a journey to lose weight and improve his life.

Michael’s journey on My 600-lb Life

He takes on Dr. Now’s programme to keep from overeating.

With the help of his supportive wife Kimberly, he tries to drop the weight with hopes of eventually getting weight loss surgery.

Starting off at more than 600 pounds, one main thing that he tries to overcome is going out in public for the first time.

Him and Kimberly are seen visiting a crystal shop on My 600-lb Life, which Michael said he is “so proud” of doing for himself.

He added: “I’ll keep doing stuff like this and taking all the steps I need, and hopefully, the next time I go back to Dr. Now, it will pay off.”

Where is Michael now?

Michael has overcome one of his biggest fears, so it’s possible he may have continued to go out of his comfort zone as planned.

Looking at social media, Michael and his wife Kimberly could not be found.

It is likely that they have made their online profiles private, or perhaps they just don’t use social media often.

Michael appears hopeful that he can do what he needs to be approved for weight loss surgery – so, we will have to watch tonight’s ep to find out!



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