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Michaela Boehm

Meet Michaela Boehm, Gwyneth Paltrow's BFF from Sex, Love and Goop

Goop creator Gwyneth Paltrow is back in 2021 giving her take on all-things sex in 2021. Sex, Love and Goop is a brand new Netflix show that is ready to “entertain and inform” viewers and reveal things that are “normally kept hidden“.

One of the “phenomenal” practitioners on the show is Gwyneth’s friend and intimacy expert, Michaela Boehm. Gwyneth even revealed that they’ve been in some “tantra positions pretty close together“. So, let’s find out more about Michaela.

Screenshot: Sex, Love and Goop – Netflix

Meet Michaela Boehm

Michaela Boehm is 53 years old as per Celeb Hook. She was born in Salzburg, Austria “and lived across from the meadow “The Sound of Music” was filmed on” according to an Instagram post from 2020.

She’s a psychologist and intimacy expert, so who better to have onboard the Sex, Love and Goop series? She writes on IG that she’s completed over 30,000 one-on-one counselling sessions over the course of her career.

She lives on a ranch in Ojai, California and rescues and rehabilitates abused and abandoned animals.

Michaela on Sex, Love and Goop

Sex, Love and Goop isn’t the first TV series that Michaela has appeared on, she was featured in the 2020 documentary (Un)Well.

Couple Felicitas and Rama feature on the Netflix series and Michaela is enlisted to reignite their sexual spark.

Prior to appearing on the show, Michaela has also spent many years working with celebrities such as Will Smith in her time.

Sex, Love & goop | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sex, Love & goop | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet Michaela on Instagram

Michaela can be found on Instagram @micboehm77 with around 37k followers.

She often posts videos of her teachings which include The Non-Linear Movement Method which aims to relieve tension in the body.

On IG, Michaela describes The Non-Linear Movement Method as “a somatic release modality I practice myself daily as a means of exploration and embodiment.”

She also takes to the ‘gram to share photos of her adorable rescue animals and tags herself on her ranch in Ojai.

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